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BlackBerry Ltd BBM Shop Reaches 1 Billion Views

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BlackBerry is excited about the success of its BBM Shop and is planning to further monetize the platform

BlackBerry announced that the new version of the BBM shop, which was launched last December, has hit 1 billion user views, indicating excitement and enthusiasm among BBM users who are looking forward to customizing their favorite messaging app and making it even better.

BBM Shop gains popularity

After launching the BBM Shop in early 2014, traffic has surged, with around 72% of users browsing through the BBM Shop and interacting with virtual goods such as stickers, music, games and other things according to a blog post from BlackBerry. Users of BBM are enjoying the value delivered by the company in the form of virtual goods and services like BBM Money and international airtime gifting.

The post noted that virtual goods have contributed to more than 3 billion total impressions, including more than one billion every month since their launch. To reach the first billion, it took 5.5 months, and the second billion was completed in 3 months. The third billion took less than a month. Over the past six months, user interaction with virtual goods has increased by over 200%, states the post.

The new version of the BBM shop includes apps, games, music and service that can be purchased from BlackBerry or Android handsets. Both Windows Phone and the iOS BBM Shops are equipped with stickers now, and more will be ported soon.

How BlackBerry plans to monetize BBM

To further monetize BBM, BlackBerry is planning to expand the user base and increase average revenue per user, also known as ARPU. The post said the company is increasing its user base through a cross-platform strategy, offering BBM for Androids, iOS and Windows Phone customers.

“BBM is going to keep getting better, as we work to make it your app of choice for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues … and increasingly for everything else you do on your mobile,” says the blog post.

Additionally, the company is also offering services to brands that want to cater to their customers through BBM. Asian online marketplace Qoo10 sponsored the sticker pack for free to enhance its brand image every time users use one of the stickers. The new BBM Shop also offers new ad banner space.

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