BlackBerry Ltd BBM: A Better Dating Tool Than Other Apps

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BlackBerry’s Messenger app could be of much use to people who are dating or looking for a date. There are numerous websites and apps that help singles find new people and interact with them, but people usually fear being stalked or harassed. For this reason, they are not comfortable sharing their phone numbers, which rules out options such as Messaging and WhatsApp. This is where BBM comes to the rescue as it allows people to keep their number private, says Berry Reporter.

Issues with other dating websites and apps

Online dating has been a very popular way for singles to find people even in their busy lives. However, it can get tricky at times. There are numerous such sites such as Plenty of Fish (POF), OkCupid, Tinder,, and Christian The process these sites follow is that first, they give people the opportunity to meet men or women they find romantically interesting.

Once a person starts using these websites or apps, they look for people with whom they have something in common. When they find such a person, they can begin conversing with them. Most of these websites have apps allowing users to take the conversation and their searches on the go. These apps are all available on the Google Play store, and hence, BlackBerry Priv users can download them anytime.

However, these apps’ messaging services do not really work that well on any device, which is a major problem, the website says. Messages are often delayed, or the user does not get any notifications at all, and hence, users have no option but to look for another way to converse with people they are interested in.

BlackBerry BBM is the solution

BlackBerry BBM is the solution to all these problems. All a person needs to do is give out his BlackBerry PIN number. This helps  keep their phone number private, and there is no fear of the number getting into the wrong hands, a.k.a., a person who seems annoying or is not of an individual’s liking. They can simply delete the person’s contact from the list.

This way they will not have to worry about talking to them ever again. Apart from safety, BBM offers a ton of great features to keep the conversation going, such as stickers, BBM Voice and retract messaging. Users need not worry about what kind of device the other person is using since BBM is cross-platform.

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