BlackBerry Ltd 10.3.2 Releasing Soon With Better Camera, Security

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BlackBerry has announced plans to launch the 10.3.2 version of its OS in the coming weeks. Besides many updates in the latest version, the Canadian company is also planning to introduce the latest version of its BlackBerry Blend software. These updates focus on certain privacy and security measures and are intended to increase the productivity of consumers.

BlackBerry Blend made more useful

BlackBerry Blend 1.2 brings a new user interface designed using feedback from existing users. In addition, the update enables quick navigation and interaction with content on the phone through a desktop PC. Also it includes a spell check feature and allows users to respond directly through a notification pop-up interface.

Apart from Blend, the 10.3.2 OS will introduce the BlackBerry Protect feature, which will grant users the ability to disable their lost phones to prevent any misuse of the devices. Moreover, a consumer will be able to track the location of their BlackBerry and could also send a “return” message to the person who finds the lost phone.

Making devices more user-friendly

Further, the update will feature considerable improvements to the camera software of BlackBerry 10 devices. This will include better low-light light performance in auto mode, a more effective face-detection technique and a robust anti-blur feature. BlackBerry Calendar is also expected to witness certain upgrades with the arrival of the latest OS. The calendar will display a month-long schedule, along with shrinking and growing dates to provide users an idea of how busy a specific day is. Moreover, an upgrade to the meeting mode will enable users to automatically mute the phone during busy periods of the day. Additionally, a consumer will also be able to specify events during which he/she wants the phone to be silenced.

Users will be able to install the 10.3.2 version though BlackBerry Hub, where they will be notified upon arrival of the latest OS. Also the update will be available for free on all BlackBerry 10 devices, including the Classic and Passport. For U.S. consumers who are using BlackBerry 10 on phones other than the Classic and Passport, the 10.3.2 OS will also provide new icons, a better action bar for frequently-used functions, and other enhancements that will extend the battery life. In addition, such users will also receive BlackBerry Blend, a voice-activated BlackBerry Assistant, an upgraded BlackBerry Hub and Amazon’s Appstore.

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