How Bitcoin Will Revolutionize Gambling [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Bitcoin is the current king of cryptocurrencies, and online gambling is perfectly set up to benefit from it.

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The way that you can just hand someone a Benjamin without going through Paypal or Google Wallet or whatever, you can just send someone bitcoin without going through any intermediaries, other than an internet connection. That means that there’s no charge for sending the crypto currency like there is no charge for handing over that twenty.

The crypto currency is, however, decentralized, unlike US Dollars or any other government-issue currency. Instead of being printed at a mint it is “mined” by whoever has set up their computer to do so. This decentralization means that governments can’t regulate the process, which means that transactions across the world can happen instantaneously. Gambling sites like this for obvious reasons.

A beardy biker dude at SXSW gave me some bitcoin once, and I’ve never known what to do with it. If I ever stop finding gambling so terrifying, maybe I’ll have a go.

The crypto currency may still seem more like a fringe hobby than an actual currency, but it did much better in 2015 than all the other major world currencies.

How Bitcoin Will Revolutionize Gambling

How Bitcoin Will Revolutionize Gambling Infographic

source: Bitcoin Sportsbook

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