BioShock Game For iPhone, iPad Coming Later This Year

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Apple users will be happy to know BioShock will be available for iPhone and iPad later on this year. Mobile gaming originally was designed to appeal to the casual gamer, but it’s starting to gain interest in serious gamers who for the longest time relied on expensive game consoles to get the full gaming experience.

BioShock comes to iOS

BioShock is a first-person shooter game. It is set in the fictional underwater city called Rapture which was built by Andrew Ryan, a business magnate, in the 1940s. The game takes the player back to the 1960s after things fallen apart thanks to class war.

In the game, there are assorted weapons scattered throughout Rapture, but gamers will also find ways to enhance their characters in the game genetically with Plasmids. Players can create the right genetic tweaks that enable them to do amazing things in the game like lightning or fire from fingertips. Unfortunately, this may not be enough to stop the Big Daddy, a heavily modified human who was grafted into larger armored diving suits. The Big Daddy has a strange but strong drive to protect the creepy “little sisters”.

What BioShock for iOS lacks

BioShock debuted in 2007 and it was considered one of the most beautifully designed video games. Although this premium game will cost a premium price ranging anywhere from $10 to $30, the game doesn’t quite have the same appeal on iOS as it does on the game console. The file size limitation means the graphics are less than impressive. It is recommended that gamers should play this on the couch with Microsoft’s Xbox 360. This game is a prime example of world-building video games and unfortunately, the iOS version can’t compare. Although the BioShock for iOS manages to operate well as a game, the touch controls (virtual buttons) don’t serve the game well. Players can otherwise simplify the gaming experience with a Bluetooth controller.

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