Bill Ackman for President?

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Bill Ackman for President? This is very interesting, I got it from Whitney Tilson comments below are from Tilson.

I got a kick out of this – if you’re disappointed with Obama, but cringe at the idea of President Romney, how about this: President Ackman!  LOL!  The Washington Post did a survey of readers, asking for their “third-party picks — a candidate that could actually have a shot at winning the presidency in 2012.”  Bill Ackman was listed along with Lincoln Chafee, Rhode Island governor; Chuck Hagel, former Republican senator from Nebraska; Jon Huntsman, former ambassador to China and former governor of Utah; Russ Feingold, former Democratic senator from Wisconsin;

Sarah Palin, former vice presidential candidate and former Alaska governor; David Petraeus, CIA director; and Bernie Sanders, independent senator from Vermont:

*  Bill Ackman, founder of the hedge fund Pershing Square and an investor in many major corporations. He drew up his own plan to save the banks in 2009, and he was welcomed to the White House by then-National Economic Council director Larry Summers for a talk.


To learn more about Bill Ackman check out Value Walk’s resource page on him-


Value Walk readers can now vote on the issue (and feel free to leave comments below the article), see the poll below:

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Full article from the Washington Post here-Best Third Party Candidate

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