Betting on Zero: Herbalife Ltd. Strikes Back

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The 6’3, silver-haired, green-eyed, rich, and successful William Ackman may be popular with the ladies (sorry he is married) but at least some women are not impressed with him. Ackman was a star last night at the debut of Betting On Zero, which talks about Ackman’s campaign against MLM Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) but the company is firing back today. Herbalife has registered the domain and used to attack the short seller. Herbalife asks some rhetorical questions.

Herbalife states on the site under the oddly titled point breaking news:

BREAKING NEWS:  Betting on Zero’s producer and Bill Ackman were on the same crew team in college.  Why did the film’s director fail to disclose this relationship and is there a financial connection between the producer and Ackman?

In an interview before the film’s premiere, the director said the “film has gone to great lengths to remain independent of both parties.” If that’s true, why aren’t any of Herbalife’s 4 million satisfied members featured in the movie? And why were Bill Ackman and other known Herbalife detractors the only participants in the premiere’s Q&A? Why wasn’t Herbalife invited to participate?

Why did the films’ five Tribeca showings sell out so quickly? Is an interested billionaire behind the ticket sales?

Herbalife does not answer but goes on to question connections between Mr. Ackman and some actors, stating:

Betting on Zero


Julie Contreras is President of LULAC’s Waukegan, Illinois chapter,14 an Ackman-funded group.15 Contreras uses the Twitter handle @AfueraHerbaLIES16 to publish racist and homophobic tweets about Herbalife. Julio Ulloa is a former Herbalife member who complained about the terms of a 2015 settlement with the company. In that settlement, a federal judge ruled that Herbalife members “are unlikely to have suffered any financial losses on a failed business opportunity.”17 Douglas Brooks is a known critic of multilevel marketing companies.18 He served as Ulloa’s attorney and stood to profit had Ulloa’s complaints been approved in court.


Ackman’s investments declined in value by more than 20% last year, and are down an additional 25% so far this year.19 His campaign to manipulate Herbalife’s stock price to line his own pockets has reportedly been the subject of a federal criminal investigation.20 As his bet against Herbalife crumbles, Ackman continues to resort to falsehoods and stunts. Even acting in so-called “documentaries.”

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