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Nine Must See Wall Street Movies [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Nine Must See Wall Street Movies [INFOGRAPHIC]

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People’s attention and obsession with money are never abating, whether we like it or not, humans eat, sleep, and dream money. And why not? Money makes the world go round.

So, how do the experts do it, and how do they keep their cool? Hollywood has never been shy about its fascination with Wallstreet, with dozens and dozens of movies showcasing the ruthless efforts of heartless financiers. These Hollywood portrayals focus on the pursuit of one thing, and one thing only—money. And audiences everywhere sigh at the thought of passed opportunities or offensive tactics.

But, if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s the entertainment value Hollywood provides us. Find out the best ways Hollywood and Wallstreet have converged with this list of the 9 best Wallstreet movies.

So take a break, and get your Netflix account ready with these proven hits. ”

Below is a list followed by an infographic describing the movies

  1. Trading Places
  2. Wall Street
  3. Boiler Room
  4. Glengarry Glen Ross
  5. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
  6. American Psycho
  7. Bonfire of the Vanities
  8. Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street
  9. Arbitrage

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  • Trading Places (1983)
    Starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd, a snobby commodities broker and a homeless con artist are unknowingly part of the same bet, where they trade places and make for a hilarious role reversal.
  • Wall Street (1987)
    The original Wall Street is a classic Wall Street film. The story of a young stockbroker that gets involved with legendary trader, Gordon Gecko. Contains the famous line, “greed is good.”
  • Boiler Room  (2000)
    Watch two “pump and dump” brokers create artificial demand for fake companies and risky penny stocks. This movie also resonates with anyone who has worked in telemarketing.
  • Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
    The story of four real estate salesmen who find out that all but the two top salesmen will be fired. This movie is known for it’s use of profanity and the cast jokingly refers to the movie as “Death of a Fuckin’ Salesman”.
  •  Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005)
    A documentary about one of the biggest financial scandals in American history – the fall of Enron Corporation. Includes interviews with former Enron execs, stock analysts and reporters.
  •  American Psycho (2000)
    A Wall Street professional that loses his mind over a co-worker having a superior business card. He hides his psychopathic ego from his co-workers and dives into a spiral of violent fantasies.
  • Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)
    A Wall Street exec and his greedy girlfriend run over a boy and drive off without reporting it. A tabloid reporter finds out and riles up New Yorkers with his coverage of the case, eventually driving the couple to go on trial.
  • Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street (2010)
    A 45 minute documentary that goes inside the minds of quants – the mathematical geniuses and computer programmers who are the engine of the global financial system. This film covers how quants are developing a system to trade at the speed of light.
  • Arbitrage (2012)
    The story of a troubled hedge fund manager who is desperately trying to sell his trading empire. While driving with his mistress, he falls asleep at the wheel, she dies and he has to turn to an unlikely source for help.
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    Nine Must See Wall Street Movies [INFOGRAPHIC]

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