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Wanna Replace The Pirate Bay With Other Torrent Alternatives? Try These…

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The Pirate Bay, the world’s most popular torrent site, is no longer as safe as it used to be. Those who use torrent websites to legally download content are now finding it difficult to carry on with The Pirate Bay and are hence on the lookout for other torrent website alternatives.  Let’s take a look and discuss some of them:

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A decade after it was launched in 2008, KickassTorrents is very popular among users of torrent sites. In just a matter of about six years after its launch, by 2014, KickassTorrents overtook The Pirate Bay as regards popularity. The other side of the picture was that it had to fight endless court battles and thus has gained a sufficient amount of notoriety as well. As a result, in July 2016, the U.S government seized the domain. A few months later, in December 2016, the website was relaunched by the members of the original team; the new version of the torrent website had an almost similar interface and a refreshed list of torrents.


Among users of torrent websites, TorLock is quite popular. This is the only torrent site that claims to be 100% dedicated to verified torrents. What more, the developers would even pay you $1 for every fake torrent you report to them. They also insist on sharing a very “professional” relationship with copyright holders. They would process DMCA takedown notices within three days and then set off to remove the torrent links from their database.

Well, you might want to say that despite these tall claims, the website still has its share of illegal content. Maybe yes, but the way TorLock is working with copyright holders, it could very soon turn out to be one of the most sought-after torrent websites for legitimate and legal P2P downloads.


Torrentz2.eu seeks to replace Torrentz.eu, the once popular torrent site that was voluntarily shut down in 2016. There was a time when Torrentz.eu was ranked the second most popular torrent website; that happened in 2012 as well as in 2015.

Torrentz2.eu, which has a home page and results pages all resembling Torrentz.eu, also showcases an almost identical kind of torrents selection. This website is now getting immensely popular and has millions of legal torrents indexed in it.


It's the new version of isoHunt that's there now; the original isoHunt landed up in trouble when the U.S courts ordered the website owner Gary Fung to pay  $110 million to various Hollywood Studios for violation of copyrighted movies and TV shows. The website was reborn very soon under a new domain name and gained immense popularity. An advanced search feature that isoHunt has makes it different; it lets you filter for family friendly content as well as verified torrents, plus the usual selection of keywords and dates.


iDope, which is not too popular, stands out among torrent websites because of the great Android app that it offers. This app, which has the advantage of being ad-free, lets you access over 12 million torrent files using your Android device; while on the move, you can use this app to find Creative Commons music or copyright-free movies.


1337x, which is still one of the most resourceful sources for legitimate content, has a  very pleasing look because of its new design. This torrent website was quite popular, but after Google permanently removing it from search results on the request of Feelgood Entertainment, it did lose a lot of its users. But still, there are many who use it; 1337x definitely is a torrent website that you should try out.

Popular Non-English Torrent Websites

There are many non-English torrent websites too that are popular and good. Notable among these are the Spanish website Mejor Torrent (which has 25 million users), the Russian torrent website LostFilmTV (the most popular torrent site for Russian content) and the French Torrent9 (claiming to have more than two million French torrents).

To be noted...

To be noted is the fact that using torrents to illegally obtain content is intellectual property theft and should be avoided. Always use torrent websites for legal downloading only. Please consult an attorney before using Torrents for anything for which you do not own the copyright to.

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