Top 10 dividend investing blogs you should be reading

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Our investment returns depend on three main things – earnings growth, changes in valuation multiples, and of course, dividends. Some investors reinvest their dividend to boost their long-term returns. Others see dividends as a regular source of income. If you are interested in dividend investing, there are a number of excellent dividend investing blogs worth following. They provide valuable insights, tools, personal experiences, and strategies to help you understand and take advantage of the power of dividends.

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Top dividend investing blogs

If you want to become a better dividend investor, you should be reading each of the blogs listed below. They are written by people who have managed to retire early or are generating a hefty dividend income or those passionate about sharing their wisdom with the rest of us. These are the ten best dividend investing blogs.

10- The Dividend Pig

The Dividend Pig focuses on building wealth through dividend growth stocks. Blake, the guy behind the blog, aims to retire at 45. His personal portfolio includes dividend growth stocks such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, and 3M. The Dividend Pig not only educates you on the fundamentals of dividend investing, but also shows you dividend paying growth stocks.

9- The Conservative Income Investor

Run by Tim McAleenan Jr., The Conservative Income Investor doesn't even have an About page. But the content is top notch. Tim McAleenan Jr. discusses individual stocks and how to build a strong dividend growth portfolio. He focuses on buying high quality dividend stocks at reasonable valuations.

8- Dividend Diplomats

Lenny and Bert both are in their early 30s. The Dividend Diplomats have combined dividend investing, frugal living, and passive income to achieve financial freedom. They have been running the blog for the last six years, sharing their experiences, lessons, monthly portfolios, and dividend income updates. Dividend Diplomats also have an in-depth and free stock screener to help you identify good dividend stocks.

7- Dividend Value Builder

Dividend Value Builder is an excellent blog run by Arbor Investment Planner founder Ken Faulkenberry. Faulkenberry's blog and newsletter covers dividend investing research, individual stock analysis, and risk minimization. His in-depth post on selecting dividend stocks is worth reading.

6- The Dividend Guy Blog

Mike Heroux is the The Dividend Guy. Back in 2003, he took a $20,000 loan and invested it in the stock market. He made more than $70,000 in profit in just a few years. Mike started building his own dividend investing portfolio only after buying the blog from another entrepreneur. He writes regularly about dividend growth investing, financial freedom, and individual stocks.

5- Dividend Growth Investor

This is one of the oldest (and still active) and most insightful dividend investing blogs on the Internet. The Dividend Growth Investor has been writing regularly about dividend stocks and financial freedom for about 13 years. The Dividend Growth Investor shares useful analysis and ideas about companies that consistently increase their dividend distribution over time.

4- Dividend Earner

Dividend Earner is obsessed with retiring on dividend income. On average, the Dividend Earner has earned more than $2,000 per month in dividend income this year. The blog is packed with hundreds of posts on dividend investing, taxes, retirement, and individual stock analysis.

3- Dividend Investor

Dividend Investor is the go-to resource for dividend data, articles, and other information. It also has a bunch of tools such as dividend calculator, dividend calendar, and dividend screener to help investors find great dividend stocks.

2- Simply Safe Dividends

Brian Bollinger's Simply Safe Dividends is one of the best resources for dividend investors. Bollinger has developed a Dividend Safety Score system to identify and avoid companies that could potentially cut their dividend payouts. Simply Safe Dividends focuses on finding good dividend stocks with safe business models and reasonable valuations.

1- Sure Dividend

Ben Reynolds’ Sure Dividend shares ideas and insights on building an investment portfolio of high-quality dividend growth stocks for the long run. Ben gets even the most complex ideas across to readers with his smooth writing and useful charts and graphs. Over the years, he has also built a database of more than 600 dividend stocks with in-depth analysis.