Leading Pack: The Most Secure Cloud Storage Providers & How They Get So Bullet Proof

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Cloud Storage Providers Leading Pack: The Most Secure Cloud Providers And How They Get So Bullet Proof by Mauricio Prinzlau

Cloud storage has become all the rage and is extremely easy to come by, with dozens of storage providers literally shoving GBs worth of free storage down consumers’ throats. And if you aren’t subscribed to a cloud storage service yet, you might soon find yourself in a situation where you’ll need more than one service to meet your needs. But despite the seemingly endless options that one can choose from, many customers have difficulty finding a provider that offers tamperproof security at a competitive price. Among all the cloud storage providers out there, here’s a look at some of the most secure solutions out there:

Most Secure Cloud Storage Providers – SpiderOak

SpiderOak is, by far, one of the world’s most secure cloud storage solutions. This is primarily thanks to their “zero-knowledge” privacy policy that ensures that no user passwords or decryption keys are stored on their servers. The service also features their signature “de-duplicated cache repository” that makes it super secure. Additionally, SpiderOak’s proprietary Crypton software allows developers to create uniquely designed, scalable apps that are completely private. The provider’s Nimbus.io, targeted towards, server-level syncing & storage, aims to provide users with long-term backend cloud storage. The company is also responsible for the “Zero Knowledge Privacy” organization, which was set up with the aim to promote global online privacy.


BackBlaze is another top-notch cloud provider that uses its self-described “Mission Critical” data center, which engages multi-level biometrics. The company is tied up with 25 independent telecom organizations as a measure to ensure completely secured data transmissions, to and from their data center. BlackBlaze compresses encrypted user data using military-grade AES encryption protocols. The provider then transfers data to the cloud via secure SSL connections, while also giving users the option to set a personal encryption keys. The provider has developed its own proprietary cloud environment software that “de-duplicates” data, encrypts it, and then stores it for backup. The software also rearranges and decrypts the data repackages it for data recovery.


Previously, YouSendIt, Hightail is a core cloud storage provider that enables users to share folders, while enabling you to restrict access to specific sensitive files. Hightail also allows users to add expiration dates to file access, which can only be opened via numerous identity verification protocols, and file tracking software. This provider transmits data using SSL 128-bit encryptions, and stores it using 256-bit AES encryption. Hightail’s numerous security features include SSAE, PCI, TRUSTe, SOC 2 Type 2, SAS 70 Type II, GLBA, and HIPAA compliance.


Like many other secure cloud storage providers, SuperSync allows users to restrict access to specific files or folders, during sharing data. It features a comprehensive admin dashboard that allows users to control access and activity log for all system users. One of the unique features of SuperSync is that it allows users to remotely purge data in case of any unprecedented security breaches. The provider also enables read-only access, along with industrial-grade SSL 3.3 encryptions. SuperSync also provides security during data transmission, with TLS data encryption, and 256-bit AES protocols. Their handshake protocol can be used to verify secured communications.


SafeCopy is one of the increasingly popular cloud storage providers that offer plenty of storage and high security, for a reasonable price. Free plans offer up to 3GB of storage, which can be used across multiple machines. SafeCopy also employs 448-military grade Blowfish encryption in order to protect user files, while also using their own servers, reducing the risk of data pilferage. 128-bit encryption is offered on all data transfers, which is the same level encryption used by most banking and financial institutions. SafeCopy encrypts data prior to transfer, adding an extra level of safety. As final later of security, the company’s servers do not save user passwords and/or decryption keys, so the provider’s employees don’t have access to sensitive user data.


Carbonite is an online storage provider that is gaining fame thanks to its comprehensive security features. The company’s plans are HIPAA certified and compliant. The provider’s in-house data centers are protected round the clock with numerous byguards. The company also restricts physical access to its servers by employing biometric access at all data center entry points. Additional safety comes in the form of 128-bit Blowfish encryption, with private encryption keys providing an extra layer of security. Even in-transit data is protected with Secure Socket Layer protocols.

SOS Online Backup

One of the lesser known cloud storage providers , SOS online is one of the most comprehensive security services, although it specializes in private security. That being said, it is a great option for small enterprises that are looking for high-security cloud storage. The company ensures user privacy by encrypting data 3 times; locally, during server upload, and at the server level. Despite its low key appearance, SOS employs military-grade transfer protocols and server equipment. The best part is that any user registered with SOS automatically becomes HIPAA compliant, meeting all Securities & Exchange Commission security requirements.

In an age of information overload and a bursting cloud business, it has become imperative that users select online storage providers that cater to their various safety and security needs. There will always be risks associated with cloud data transmission, but today’s cloud service providers are pulling out all the stops in order to mitigate the numerous risks that come with it, by employing multi-level encryption and security measures.

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