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Studies are showing that Amazon is the measuring stick when it comes to the top return on best Black Friday deals 2017. In fact, at least one study shows that more than half of Americans plan to check the price on Amazon before buying anything to see if it has the better price. This is why an increasing number of Americans look for the best Black Friday Deals 2017 compared to prior years, although it remains to be seen.

UPDATE 9:28PM EST 11/25 many of the deals below are live but check out our Cyber Monday page for the latest and best deals

Note all times are EST AM 11/24 unless stated otherwise.




What’s more, Amazon AU might finally open and expand on the Australian soil, so Australian customers can also expect hefty deals throughout the Black Friday period in 2017 and on. However, the problem with the best Amazon Black Friday Deals in 2017 is the fact that the online retailer doesn’t put out ads like most other retailers.

But first, here are a few things about Black Friday in 2017 you should know.

Amazon Black Friday – What you need to know

The ‘Amazon Black Friday Deals Store‘ opened at midnight on Friday 17th until 23:59 on Sunday 26th November and will include:

  • Thousands of ‘Lightning Deals‘ – products available at a discount, in limited quantities, for a short period of time. Amazon Prime members get exclusive early access.
  • Deals of the Day – every day throughout Black Friday, ranging from Amazon electronics, devices and pet supplies to kitchen and garden and home items.
  • Deals on innovative products and handcrafted gifts from Amazon Marketplace and Handmade at Amazon.
  • Prime Now, will also offer special Black Friday deals to customers in eligible postcodes.

We’re watching in the Best Black Friday Deals 2017 for you

Instead, the company posts lightning deals that last only a short time, so if you miss them, they’re gone. Thankfully, you don’t have to stay glued to the company’s website, spending every day checking for deals on the items you plan to buy—or even those you don’t. We’re keeping an eye on all the best deals for Amazon Black Friday in 2017 in every category.

We’re weeding out the most popular items from Amazon’s never-ending list, so you don’t have to waste time browsing through all the random things to find that gem you’re looking for. We’ve categorized the items to make them easier to locate the things you actually want to buy. Most polls suggest that clothing could be the top item this year, although that’s pretty difficult to buy online, so check out these categories to find some of the best-seller products of Amazon Black Friday in 2017:

When to expect the biggest and best Black Friday deals 2017 on Amazon, by category

The Black Friday 2017 shopping season has really expanded to include not only Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, but much of this month. Adobe put together this data on which categories tend to have the biggest sales when:

  • TVs – average savings of 24% on Black Friday
  • Tablets – average savings of 24% on Black Friday
  • Jewelry – 12% average savings on Black Friday
  • Appliances – 18% average savings on Black Friday
  • Computers – average savings of 16% on Thanksgiving
  • Sporting goods – 11% savings on Thanksgiving
  • Apparel – 15% savings on Thanksgiving
  • Video games and consoles – 10% savings on Thanksgiving
  • Toys – average savings of 19% on Cyber Monday

If you have very specific items in mind, one trick is to add them to your Amazon shopping cart, click “Save for later,” and then keep your cart open and refresh ever so often. Amazon tells lists the items that have changed the price at the top of your cart so you can easily see when something has gone on sale.

Some of our best Black Friday deals linked below

Best Black Friday Deals from GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy and others. According to WalletHub, these generally have the best offers plus we made slight changes – their original list here

Bealls Florida
Fred Meyer
Sam’s Club
Office Depot and OfficeMax
Dollar General
True Value
Ace Hardware
Best Buy
Dell Home
Big Lots
Barnes & Noble
Bass Pro Shops

Shop Black Friday first… don’t wait for Cyber Monday

Unfortunately, many shoppers will miss out on the biggest Black Friday 2017 sales, according to Adobe, as 52% of U.S. consumers are assuming that they will see the deepest discounts on Cyber Monday. However, the firm expects the biggest online discounts to be on Black Friday for many products, so don’t wait until the traditional online shopping day. Black Friday 2017 deals will likely be bigger and better than the sales on Cyber Monday, according to Adobe, although of course if something isn’t on sale on Black Friday, it’s good to check back throughout the weekend and on Cyber Monday.

Adobe predicts that online sales during the 2017 holiday shopping period will soar to $107.4 billion, with Cyber Monday being the biggest online shopping day ever. The firm pegs online sales on Cyber Monday alone at $6.6 billion, while it predicts $2.8 billion in sales on Thanksgiving.

According to a new report conducted by analysts at Cowen, there has been a slight difference in numbers:

ComScore predicts that online shopping during Holiday (November 1st to December 31st) will reach $95bn to $96bn at retail websites, which is an increase of +18% to +20% vs. $80.2bn estimated in 2016. Moreover, ComScore’s projection for Cyber Monday is that the day will remain the #1 day for U.S. online sales, expected to generate $4.5bn in e-commerce, which an increase of +22% vs. $3.68bn during Cyber Monday 2016.

So, in statistic terms, what do these numbers mean?

Cowen estimates as follows:

Finally, below are two interesting charts on trends in prior years on days and number of sales from Cowen on 2015 and 2016. The expectations are inclined towards the similar trends for this year, as well.



It shouldn’t come as no surprise to you that Thanksgiving Day will come out as the high dollar amount shopping day. Many other polls have already found that Americans are planning on shopping on the holiday. Amazon has sort of blazed a trail for other retailers to really dig in and let consumers shop without requiring most employees to be at work on the holiday. So, it’s no wonder Best Black Friday Deals 2017 will be found online.

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