The Best Apps For The Apple iPhone 6

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Now that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are both in the stores and available to Apple fans, people who have purchased this high-profile device will want to get the best out of it. If there is one thing you particularly associate with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) it is the word apps. So here are some of the best apps, of a widely differing variety, that are available for the new iPhone 6 models.

Best Apps for iPhone 6: VSCO Cam

Apple has armed the iPhone 6 Plus in particular with outstanding camera functionality, and this free application enables users to utilise the advanced shutter speed and camera controls included in the device. Impressive features included in the app include manual focus, white balance and exposure compensation.

The Best Apps For The Apple iPhone 6


This already popular app has been updated for the new iPhone 6. It is essentially a nifty little application that makes it possible to save money on travel options related to flights, trains, hotels and even alternative forms of accommodation. Well worth downloading if you are a regular traveller.


Snapseed is an exceptional photo editing program which enables you to get the most out of the iPhone 6 camera functionality. The app features Instagram-style features such as filters and frames, but also gives you a huge amount of editing options. It is also extremely user-friendly.


Amazon would probably rather you bought a Kindle, but the next best thing is to get the Kindle app. This makes book reading on your iPhone 6 considerably slicker, and now there is also the ability to copy and paste text from books; particularly useful for academics and students.


Apple has been criticized at times for what is perceived to be its control freak nature. But the consumer electronics giant is allowing people to retool the keyboard on the iPhone 6, which is a brand new initiative for the iPhone series. Swype has been hugely popular on Android, and enables users to drag their finger from letter to letter to type instead of hunting and pecking. Frankly, this could save you a lot of time.

Asphalt 8

The iPhone has established itself as an extremely credible gaming platform, and while many traditional gamers still have reservations about the often micro-transaction-based system which operates on mobile phones, there are nevertheless some great titles available. Asphalt eight is considered to be one of the very best mobile driving games, and it has already been optimised for iOS 8.

The Best Apps For The Apple iPhone 6


We’ve all found ourselves in the position of losing one of our all important passwords. And with hackers seemingly devising ever more ingenious methods to steal our personal data, a program such as iPassword is a veritable godsend. iPassword actually generates incredibly obtuse passwords for each of your important accounts, but ingeniously lets you access them with one simpler one via the application. It features a full integration with the Apple TouchID fingerprint security system, and the most basic version of this app is free. It really is an extremely innovative piece of software.


Apple has cranked up the video making capabilities of the iPhone 6, and the best way for budding movie makers to edit the videos is via the iMovie app. iMovie enables users to edit large feature films, or any length of footage required, and even add a variety of impressive effects. Filters, animated titles, soundtracks… this app offers a lot of interesting and engaging features.

iphone 6 iTunes


This is pretty much an unmissable part of any Apple device, not least because Apple make it pretty difficult to listen to music on their devices if you don’t download it! Nevertheless, iTunes is one of the most established and high-profile programs available on the market. At its World Wide Developers Conference in June, Apple showcased the new capabilities of iTunes via iOS eight, and as always it delivers an outstanding music playing package.

iphone 6 Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

If you’re looking to enjoy a particularly scenic weather prediction, then Yahoo Weather is the application for you. This is another app which has already been updated to be compatible with the iOS 8 system, and the reviewers have already noted that it looks simply fantastic on the larger screen of the iPhone 6. Definitely an app which will impress your friends.


This excellent application delivers photo filters of professional quality, and its latest iOS eight update introduces four new smart adjustments that let you tweak contrast, temperature, highlights and shadows.

Day One

If you are an aspiring diarist, but have never got around to it, and you’ve just purchased the iPhone 6, now might be the perfect time to start. Day One offers an outstanding journalling application that enables you to easily save and send photos within the application, without even needing to open it.

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