The Best Apple iPhone, iPad Deals For Black Friday Sales

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The 2014 Black Friday shopping event is but a month away, and the biggest retailers in the United States are thoroughly gearing up for what will surely be another bumper occasion. While consumers like to dabble in any number of retail markets on this particular date, the technology market is always at the head of the queue.

Naturally, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) products will be particularly prominent this Black Friday, particularly as there are two brand new Apple devices for consumers to choose from. The iPhone 6 is still pretty new, and can really be considered a brand new device, given that Apple pay is only now being incorporated into its portfolio of functions.

Apple Tablets to be prominent

But absolutely brand new is the iPad Air 2, the latest tablet from Apple which has received rave reviews from technology sites. Many people who’ve got their hands on this much awaited device consider it to be the best tablet computer yet to be released, and Apple will be hoping that this critical esteem helps with sales given the fact that its tablets have struggled in the last year or so. The iPad Mini 3 may also attract a fair few interested buyers.

Apple devices certainly get people through the front door of the stores, and with retailers hoping to entice consumers on this most important part shopping days, there will be plenty of offers to be found. Apple fans should be able to pick themselves up a bargain if they are willing to fight their way through the inevitable crowds!

This is a very important time of the year for the world’s leading consumer electronics company, and even though Apple has greatly strengthened its market position this year, the corporation definitely won’t be resting on its laurels. Traditionally, Apple has passed some pretty sizeable discounts on to consumers at this holiday shopping event, and these can significantly reduce the price of both older and newer Apple products.

The Best Apple iPhone, iPad Deals For Black Friday Sales

iPhone price slash

With Apple having recently released the OS X Yosemite operating system, it seems likely that Apple’s range of iMac and MacBooks may also see price cuts. Although Apple chose not to reduce the price of its iPhone 5 range during the 2013 Black Friday sales, overwhelmingly analysts agree that the iPhone 6 will form part of its sales portfolio this time round.

Last year, the biggest technology retailers in the United States, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, all handed out gift card deals to consumers in order to compensate for Apple’s unwillingness to drop the price of the iPhone 5. This resulted in a possible price point for the iPhone 5s of $86 with a two-year contract; a pretty attractive offer given that the phone was effectively brand new at the time.

With Apple products hotter than ever, it seems highly likely that similar offers will be made this year. The general consensus is that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will come complete with $50-75 gift cards in an attempt to induce vast retail sales. But if you don’t feel like opting for the newest iPhone model, or perhaps you’re looking for a particular bargain or are on a tighter budget, then it is worth checking out a pre-paid iPhone 5. Apple will be looking to shift as many of these as possible, given the fact that the device’s shelf-life is pretty limited now, so look out for $100 offers on this older Apple handset.

Additionally, other Apple devices that are no longer considered premium earners for the company may also be offered at significant discounts. This could mean that the biggest price slashes are attached to the iPod range, and this could be an excellent opportunity to pick up the Digital music player before it becomes obsolete.

The Best Apple iPhone, iPad Deals For Black Friday Sales

iPad bargains

Both the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 are also likely to be under offer. The consumer site GottaBeMobile has predicted that Apple will offer a $75 gift card for purchases of the iPad Air 2, and possibly around $50 in a similar deal related to the iPad Mini 3. Older iPads will probably also see a $100 card offered, although Apple may engage in some specific marketing promotions with the first iPad Mini, giving that it is already available for $200 for a refurbished model.

Apple has also just released the first ever 5K Desktop computer, and they may view Black Friday as an ideal opportunity to begin to push this genuine innovation. The Retina iMac is pretty pricey, and there could be some excellent deals available for consumers that really make it an attractive proposition.

Additionally, the MacBook range of laptops is acclaimed as being the best on the planet, and with this in mind Black Friday could be a great time to pick up a laptop bargain. GottaBeMobile indicates that the MacBook range could be slashed in price from between $50 and $200 depending on the particular model involved. Considering the outstanding customer feedback that the MacBook series has acquired, this does look like a particularly enticing offer. Apple is also pushing Apple TV, and reports indicate that we could see around a $25 offer in gift card terms for this service.

Social media focus

To keep up with the very latest Apple deals, it may be increasingly important to keep your eye on social media. Consumer Reports projects that many Black Friday deals will be advertized through such viral marketing platforms this year, and the prominence of this form of advertising will be a growing trend going forward.

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