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Beacon Equity Sells Anaqua To Insight Venture

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Beacon Equity Partners sold Anaqua, an intellectual asset management services and SaaS software provider to Venture Partners, a global private equity and venture capital firm.

Beacon Equity

Beacon Equity sells  Anaqua for $215 million

The firms did not disclose the terms of the acquisition agreement. Sources familiar with the matter told ValueWalk that Anaqua was sold for $215 million. According to Insight Venture Partners, its managing directors, Jeff Horing and Alex Crisses will join the board of directors of Anaqua.

“This is a very exciting step for us. Anaqua’s growth has brought us to the point where it is time for a new phase of strategic expansion requiring new resources for accelerated market development in all geographies, as well as continued investment in products and new IP services,” said Priya Iyer, Chairman and CEO of Anaqua.

In addition, Iyer said the company will continue to offer the same products and services to its clients with expanded resources for future growth.

On the other hand, Ed Mullen, chairman of Beacon Equity said, “Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Anaqua’s leadership and employees, together with the resources and support provided by our firm, we are proud that potential has been realized.”

Acquisition of SGA2 SAS

Beacon Equity Partners also managed the acquisition of SGA2 SAS, a French-based company engaged in providing patent and trademark renewal services worldwide. SGA2 SAS CEO, Gerard Borin compliments Anaqua and significant in driving its growth.

Anaqua helps global companies protect intellectual property including inventions, patents, trade secrets, brands, and trademarks using its software. It also helps law firms improve their IP practices.

In addition, the company’s SaaS-based platform allows entities to align their intellectual property with business goals and to create value through a more efficient licensing. More than 20,000 users are using Anaqua’s products and services to manage approximately $500 billion intellectual property assets.

Horing said, “It is rare to find a company with Anaqua’s combination of people, technology, financial profile and market growth opportunity. Our plan is to provide resources and expertise to help Anaqua achieve its full potential in the global Intellectual Property market.’’

Insight Venture Partners invests in software, eCommerce, internet and data-services companies. The firm raised more than $7.6 billion and made more than 190 investments worldwide. It raised a $2.57 billion investment fund this year.

UPDATE 5:15PM EST: 215 million added as the value of the transaction.

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