BATs, KCG, AMTD, Citadel Chiefs Talk HFT At Milken [VIDEO]

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Things are changing in trading. As financial markets continue to decentralize and democratize, how are firms, investors and regulators reacting? Software and other forms of technology are enabling profitable strategies based on complex algorithms, high-frequency transactions, and data aggregation and analytics. In this new environment, more than one-third of stock transactions occur off the exchanges now. But the entire financial spectrum is feeling it, including commodities, equities and fixed income. What are the exchanges themselves and broker-dealers doing to further these trends, and in response to them? How are the roles of analysts and traders at the large institutions evolving? Who has the biggest challenge adapting? Our expert panel will explore this evolution and offer a roadmap for the future. Importantly, we’ll also discuss how the markets can retain and improve transparency and public confidence.

Seth Merrin, Founder and CEO, Liquidnet Holdings, Inc.
Jamil Nazarali, Senior Managing Director, Citadel
Joe Ratterman, CEO, BATS Global Markets
Fred Tomczyk, President and CEO, TD Ameritrade
Greg Tusar, Co-Head, Global Execution Services and Platforms, KCG

Chris Brummer, Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

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