Hot ESG Trend Could Give CFA A Boost Over MBA

By Crush Empire

This year, about 140,000 aspiring charterholders took the grueling Chartered Financial Analyst exam, and less than half of them will pass. Only one out of five people who start the CFA program make it through all three levels and successfully complete the requirements to become a licenced CFA.

Jesse Marrus, founder of recruiting firm Street ID, said, “Anybody can get an MBA at a certain level. If you’re decent at math and you know how to plug in equations and you’re paying attention, it’s not going to kill you.” Not everyone can get their CFA, however. It requires a lot of math and reasoning skill and it probably won’t kill you, but it will try its best.

It’s a huge achievement to pass the CFA exam and a major asset to your career. It’s also a better option than pursuing an MBA for many reasons.

Time and Money

An MBA can cost around $100,000, and even more at reputable schools—that’s the other thing, with MBAs, the school matters, but with the CFA, everyone takes the same test and most use similar CFA prep courses. The test is made up of three separate levels each costing around $1,000, depending on where you take your test.

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