Milken Conference – Artificial Intelligence: A Smarter Future?

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Milken Conference

Harry Stebbings, Founder, The Twenty Minute VC

Duncan Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, IBM Watson Europe

Mike DeAddio, Chief Operating Officer, WorldQuant LLC

Siraj Khaliq, Partner, Atomico

Ben Medlock, Co-Founder, SwiftKey

Kate Niehaus, Data Scientist, University of Oxford
Computers and machines are becoming more powerful, faster and able to make decisions on their own. Does this brave new world of artificial intelligence signal the greatest triumph of human ingenuity or, as some fear, the demise of humankind? Some of the world’s most influential figures warn that AI could advance to the point where we can no longer control it. Others say such concerns are overblown. AI is assisting doctors in diagnosing patients, running security systems for homes and helping investigators solve crimes by analyzing patterns. Autonomous vehicles may eventually become commonplace. Some even argue that algorithmic trading provides better returns than human portfolio managers. This session will explore the latest advances in AI and examine how it is integrating so seamlessly into everyday life.

Artificial Intelligence: A Smarter Future?

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