Arnold Van Den Berg on The Economy

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Arnold Van Den Berg on The EconomyPlay All
Section 1 – Overview
Section 2 – Unemployment
Section 3 – Real Estate
Section 4 – The Federal Debt & Money Supply
Section 5 – The U.S. Dollar
Section 6 – The Consumer
Section 7 – Gross Domestic Product/Profit Margins
Section 8 – CM Portfolio Overview
Section 9 – Inflation/Deflation
Section 10 – Market Projections
Section 11 – Historical Perspective
Section 12 – CM Current/Future Organizational Changes

The above presentation took place on June 30, 2011, at the Houstonian Hotel in Houston, Texas. During this luncheon review, Arnold Van Den Berg, Century Management’s founder and CEO, was the featured speaker. You can either choose to play all and view the 1 hour 54 minute review uninterrupted, or you can choose to play one section at a time. We hope you enjoy this program.

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