You Can Still Apply for $150 Tax Rebate from North Carolina

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Some residents in North Carolina will soon get a tax rebate, but for that, they need to hurry up as the last date to apply is just days away. Specifically, this tax rebate from North Carolina is a property tax rebate for the residents of Greensboro. The last date to apply for this property tax rebate is June 20.

Tax Rebate From North Carolina: How Much To Expect

Greensboro’s City Council recently approved a pilot program called the Low-income Homeowner Assistance Program, which would provide eligible residents a rebate on their property taxes in the city. The council has allotted $250,000 to give back a part of city taxes to low-income homeowners.

With a budget of $250,000, about 1,500 to 2,000 residents are expected to benefit from this tax rebate from North Carolina. A typical applicant is expected to receive a rebate of about $150, while the minimum rebate amount is $50.

The rebate amount will be the difference between the city taxes paid for tax year 2021 and subsequent tax years starting from tax year 2022. So those with 2022 Greensboro property taxes more than the 2021 tax would get a rebate amount of the difference.

This property tax rebate is available to single-family and owner-occupied properties (homes, townhomes, and condos) within Greensboro’s city limits. The rebate isn’t available to homes with a title and not a deed, such as some mobile homes.

Moreover, this rebate program applies only to the city portion of the homeowner’s tax bill and not the taxes paid to Guilford County.

Initially, the deadline to apply for this tax rebate from North Carolina was June 15. Now, the authorities have extended the deadline to June 20. The rebate amount will be issued “no later than September 30,” the program’s website says.

Low-Income Homeowner Assistance Program: Who Is Eligible And How To Apply?

To qualify for the tax rebate from North Carolina, the applicant’s home must be their primary residence; he or she must have owned the home for five continuous years; the home should be within the city limits of Greensboro; the home’s total property tax value must be less than $250,000; and the home must have witnessed a property revaluation increase under the 2022 Guilford County tax revaluation.

Additionally, the applicant must also meet the income requirements. For instance, the 2022 total household annual gross income for one-person households must be less than or equal to $41,000, while for two or more people in a household, the annual income must be less than or equal to $47,000.

Residents can apply for the rebate online at the online application portal. The application process is available in dozens of languages, such as Spanish and Khmer. Paper applications in English are available at Greensboro public libraries.

Applicants will need their 2022 tax return or W-2s to apply for the program. Moreover, applicants can use their current paycheck stubs or benefit statements for 2023 as proof of household income.

You can call the Greensboro Housing and Neighborhood Development Department at 336-373-2349 for more information on the property tax rebate.