Apple’s iOS 7 Getting A Major Redesign [REPORT]

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iOS is due for a makeover and it’s Jonathan Ive’s mission to complete it. Ive is the senior vice president of industrial design and the design chief for iOS. 9to5 Mac reports from unnamed sources which claim to have more knowledge of the Apple’s plans. They report that the iOS 7 design could appear “black, white, and flat all over.” This essentially means that Ive wants to do away with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s current signature look of textures and shiny icons.

Apple's iOS 7 Getting A Major Redesign [REPORT]

According to the same sources, Ive doubts that textures which look similar to their real-life counterparts will hold up over time. He thinks it’s necessary to alter the apps and give them a new look. He also wants to make some of the built-in apps such as Mail and Maps look even more similar. 9to5Mac specified the following ideas that Ive reportedly has in mind including a new lock screen that may lack the transparent time bar on top and feature a black interface that’s not shiny.

Jonathan Ive’s new design plans:

The new design is reportedly to also skip the square grid that was made for pin codes and replace it with black round buttons with white text and matching borders. What’s more is that the notification features could change from the linen and leather textures with a more flat look in black and white. The new notifications design could feature more widgets for the notification feature that go beyond the weather and stocks.

Other notable design changes may include a redesigned home screen and redesigned apps. Jonathan Ive’s new design plans could be just what is needed to shake everything up and reignite interest in the company. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s chief executive officer chose Ive for a reason as he has high expectations from him and I doubt he will disappoint. The new iOS will be introduced at the WWDC event next month.

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