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Apple WWDC 2016: Date, Start Time, Livestream

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At last years Apple WWDC the technology giant gave the world details about iOS and OS X, and also news about Apple Pay over in the UK, Apple Music and Watch0S 2. So as you can imagine if WWDC 2016 is as partially feature packed as last years, that means we’re in for an exciting few days of new insights and reveals from Apple.

So at this point you’re probably asking yourself “When is it, what time and can I watch it via a livestream?” well I’m going to answer that for for you and throw in a little bit of rumor to help get you all excited!

What’s on the WWDC Agenda?

Yes, I know you didn’t ask for all that, but its important and it will help you realise, just how important this year’s WWDC could be.

iOS 10

If you’ve been reading mine and others updates here on Valuwalk, then you already now that the big talking point of WWDC 2016 could be the launch of iOS 10. Its not been confirmed in anyway officially, so as always this is but a rumor. So keep your fingers crossed as those nasty little bugs in iOS 9.3.1 and iOS 9.3.2 could soon be a thing of the past.

iOS 10 at WWDC 2016

Apple Music

This Apple service was launched at last years WWDC, but it looks as though Apple is about to completely revamp the streaming service. This is to make better use of integration between it and Apple’s music download business. I know Apple has assigned a team to completely overhaul the user interface of Apple Music, but as for how it will look and any new features we’ll have to wait for the WWDC.

tvOS 10

Its also thought that Apple will choose the WWDC to talk about the new update to its tvOS, currently at tvOS 9 this could be the first major update of the software since the fourth generation Apple TV arrived.

Siri and OSX 10.12

This years event could be a serious software show-piece with rumors circling the internet about how the MacBook is soon to get its own version of Siri the virtual assistant. Insiders at Apple are suggesting that this combination has undergone two years of testing, so if it is true and you’re a top of the Mac user you can be sure (Fingers crossed) there’s no bugs in the system.

Apple WWDC 2016: Date, Start Time, Livestream

Also I reported a couple of days ago about how the Mac will get its own OLED touch panel, which will incorporate a fingerprint recognition system.

WWDC 2016 Date and Time

As you probably already know the WWDC takes place annually and sticking with tradition it is expected to take place between the 13-17th of June. And also staying with tradition the event will be held at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco California.

As for the keynote speech itself, where Apple always makes its big announcements. This will take place at 10am PDT on the 13th of June. If you’re a UK reader this means it will take place at 6pm for you.

If you where hoping to find some tickets for this years event, then I’m sorry to say that they’ve all gone. Apple’s lottery system in which it picks at random people who applied for tickets ended some time ago.

How to Live Stream WWDC 2016

Apple always hosts its own livestream event on its website at 6pm, you will be able to catch it on the 13th of June. However, there are criteria you should meet prior to being given access.

Before I explain what they are, if you’re an iPhone or iPad user there is a dedicated WWDC iOS app, which is free for owners of those devices.

As for the criteria I mentioned, you will need to meet certain hardware and software requirements to watch the livestream. Previously to view the iPhone SE and iPAD Pro 9.7 inch lauch yo had to be running the Safari browser on an iPad, iPod or iPhone running on iOS 7.0 or newer. And there’s more … If you’re a Mac user you need to be running OS X 10.8.5 or later, you can even watch the WWDC event live on a Windows 10 based PC, but you must be using the new Edge browser.

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