Apple Watch Series 3 Leak Shown On Verizon App

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The Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to be one of the big announcements at tomorrow’s Apple event. There have been a few rumors about the new Apple Watch throughout the summer but, compared to the iPhone X, the Apple Watch Series 3 has been relatively good at avoiding any major leaks. However, as we get closer to the official launch, more and more leaks seem to be popping up. This latest Apple Watch Series 3 leak comes from the MyVerizon app and appears to confirm the name of the upcoming device. Check out the screenshot for yourself:

We didn’t really have any confirmation that the new Apple Watch would, in fact, be called the Apple Watch Series 3. However, this option within the MyVerizon app seems to confirm the name for us. Of course, there is the possibility that Verizon is using a placeholder name until they know the official name once the device is launched tomorrow.

The other interesting part of this Apple Watch Series 3 leak is that it seems to confirm that the new Apple Watch will come with LTE connectivity. As you can see, the app asks users what type of connected device they are using and lists the Apple Watch Series 3 alongside other devices that are able to use the cellular network. If the Apple Watch was WiFi only then it wouldn’t make sense for the Verizon app to be involved.

Verizon has since corrected the error so you won’t be able to replicate this Apple Watch Series 3 leak. However, one screenshot is all we need to convince ourselves that the Apple Watch Series 3 is real and it will be packing a bunch of great new features.

LTE connectivity will help untether the Apple Watch from the iPhone. Until now, the Apple Watch has had to be connected to an iPhone in order to send and receive data. This has made it somewhat inconvenient for fitness junkies who want to leave their iPhone at home and go with the sleek portability of an Apple Watch. Now, the Apple Watch will be able to do everything it needs to do without the help of a connected iPhone nearby. It will be very interesting to see if carriers offer any special plans for the Apple Watch Series 3 or if it will be able to integrate with your existing data plan. As a Canadian who pays some of the highest rates for data in the entire world, the idea of having a separate data plan for an Apple Watch makes my stomach feel a little sick. I’m not sure I have enough equity in my home to take out a second mortgage in order to pay for this data plan.

In addition to having the freedom of LTE connectivity, we also know fitness fans will have the option of new workout tracking thanks to a previous Apple Watch Series 3 leak. Men’s Health also did a great article about Apple’s fitness testing facility where they’re working to make the best fitness tracking product on the market. Clearly, Apple wants to be the leader in wearables and that means being a leader in health and fitness.

We will get a much better look at the Apple Watch Series 3 tomorrow during Apple’s big launch event. Of course, the new Apple Watch may be a little overshadowed by the launch of the iPhone X and it’s bezel-less OLED display which marks the biggest change in iPhone design since the device was originally introduced 10 years ago. As well, there will be a new 4K enabled Apple TV which should come as great news for Apple TV lovers who have made the jump to a beautiful 4K television set. Apple will now be able to offer you all of your favorite programs in 4K to match that awesome screen sitting in your living room.

We’re literally counting down the hours to the big launch tomorrow. Who knows what kind of other surprises Apple could have up their sleeve? Will you be checking out the event tomorrow?

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