New Wearables At Apple Launch Event: Apple Watch Series 3 And AirPods 2

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Apple’s big launch event is nearly upon us. Tomorrow, we are expecting a huge event on the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. Of course, the focus is mainly on the much-anticipated iPhone X which has been the subject of countless rumors and leaks all summer long. However, Apple is reported to have plenty of other surprises up their sleeves including the Apple Watch Series 3 and new AirPods 2.

Apple Watch Series 3

First, let’s talk about the Apple Watch Series 3. There have been a few rumors about this new wearable throughout the summer but it has been significantly less leak prone than the iPhone X. Perhaps there is less excitement for the Apple Watch Series 3 or, more likely, the teams working around the Apple Watch have done a better job of keeping their upcoming product under wraps. With that said, the Apple team has made some hints about an upcoming Apple Watch launch. For example, they opened their doors to Men’s Health to show off their state-of-the-art fitness research center. The Men’s Health article is a very good read and gives an interesting look at how seriously Apple is taking fitness tracking.

We have seen leaks about Apple’s interest in fitness tracking. We also know that fitness tracking companies like Fitbit are getting into the smartwatch market. Apple may be dominating the smartwatch industry for now but that could change quickly if they don’t take their game to the next level. The Apple Watch Series 3 launch could be a good indication of whether Apple will remain king of the wearables industry or begin to fall behind.

There is also indication that the Apple Watch Series 3 will come with LTE connectivity. This seems to be confirmed by a screenshot from the MyVerizon app that appears to show an option to connect an Apple Watch Series 3. Check it out below:


This would be a huge step forward for the Apple Watch as it aims to become the king of the wearables market and the best fitness tracker available. As of now, the Apple Watch can only send and receive data when connected to an iPhone. This means your wearable isn’t very useful unless you have your iPhone nearby. Some runners and workout enthusiasts may not like carrying around their iPhone if they don’t have to. Now, the Apple Watch will, theoretically, be able to make calls and send text messages without needing to be connected to an iPhone. This should offer users a lot more functionality and freedom when wearing an Apple Watch Series 3.

We have also been hearing that the Apple Watch Series 3 could be getting a redesign. It’s somewhat surprising we haven’t seen more design leaks with the launch right around the corner. I’m of the belief that any redesign will be minor. Perhaps we will see a thinner, lighter case for the Apple Watch Series 3. The Apple Watch colors will also likely be the same as the new iPhone lineup. So, I would expect to see a blush gold, silver, and black model. Of course, all will be confirmed at Apple’s launch event very soon.

Apple AirPods 2

Another popular wearable from Apple is also expected to get a refresh tomorrow. The AirPods are only a year old so it’s somewhat surprising to see that AirPods 2 are on the list of expected launches for tomorrow. It’s also no immediately clear what Apple plans to change in AirPods 2. New colors? Better battery life? Maybe a premium model with some additional features not found in the original AirPods? All of the above are possible. There is also the possibility that AirPods aren’t getting a refresh at all and this is simply an internet rumor going around as the hype for Apple’s big event continues to grow.

What Else Is Coming?

Along with the new iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, and AirPods 2; we are also expecting a new Apple TV. This will be Apple’s jump into the 4K video streaming market. Until now, the Apple TV hasn’t been able to compete with the specs of competitors like Roku. This should change tomorrow and, perhaps, we will also get to see what Apple has planned for original programming. We know Apple has put a lot of money into original programming to lure in viewers to their platform, much like what Amazon does. It would be very interesting to see if Apple has an exclusive preview on deck to show off with the 4K Apple TV launch.

The hype is certainly building to a boiling point. Apple’s big event should be one of the most exciting Apple launches we have seen in a long time. The iPhone X is getting the biggest redesign since, well, ever. Plus, the Apple Watch Series 3 should be introduced as a legitimate companion for any fitness nut. Will you be tuning in to see what kind of exciting things Apple has in store?

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