Apple’s New Ads Position Apple Watch Series 2 As Go-To Holiday Gift

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Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that Apple Watch was on track to be among the most popular holiday gifts this year. Pushing the latest Apple Watch Series 2 harder before Christmas, the Cupertino company has released four short TV ads on its YouTube channel highlighting the benefits of its wearable device such as GPS tracking and Apple Pay integration.

Apple Watch Series 2: The Gift of the Go

Each of the four videos is 10- to 15-second long. The videos start with the wearer opening Apple’s trademark holiday gift box containing the Series 2 Watch. The unwrapping is accompanied by the tagline “The Gift of the Go.” It’s a clear indication that the company wants you to give “The Gift of the Go” this Christmas.

The first of the four ads is titled “Go Play.” It depicts a woman unwrapping an Apple Watch Sport and wearing it before heading out to play soccer. She checks her movement using the Activity app. The ad says Apple Watch Series 2 “offers a perfect assist for a healthier life.”

The “Go Run” ad features the Apple Watch Nike+ model that comes with the Nike+ Run Club app and a unique breathable Sport Band. The ad starts with the Nike+ Run Club app asking, “Are we running today?” The commercial follows the Apple Watch owner through downtown and into the woods. The Watch owner covers a little over five kilometers of the run, which was tracked using built-in GPS.

The third ad “Go Dance” is the shortest at just ten seconds. It shows a user unwrapping their new device, pressing play on “Backwardz,” and dance with friends at a local dance studio. “Apple Watch keeps up with all the ways you move,” says the short ad.

The fourth ad titled “Go Out” showcases the Apple Watch Series 2 in real-world conditions. It shows the Watch’s water-resistance and messaging capabilities. The commercial shows the Apple Watch owner making payments with Apple Pay and communicating with friends. Before the user runs down a hall, the Breathe app reminds him to stay calm.

These holiday-themed short ads are aimed at garnering consumer attention during the crucial holiday shopping season. Apple recently released its annual holiday ad titled “Frankie’s Holiday” and an iPhone 7 ad called “Romeo and Juliet” that highlighted the smartphone’s camera.

Apple Watch a ‘more natural gift’ than the iPhone

Last week, Apple chief executive Tim Cook said the Apple Watch Series 2 sales growth was “off the charts.” During the first week of the holiday shopping, Apple Watch sell-through rate was higher than any week in the product’s history. Bob O’Donnell, an analyst at TECHnalysis, believes that Apple Watch is a “more natural gift” than the iPhone or Mac. So, the Watch is likely to perform well during the holiday quarter.

However, a report from research firm IDC showed that Apple Watch sales plunged 71% YoY to just 1.1 million units during the third-quarter. IDC said basic wearable devices such as fitness trackers were gaining in popularity, while smartwatches like Apple Watch were losing steam.

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