Apple Watch Pride Face Coming June 4th, But Here’s How To Download It Now

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A new Apple Watch Pride face has been discovered in WatchOS 4.3.1, inspired by the rainbow flag. It officially releases on June 4th at 12 pm Pacific Time, but we’ve compiled a short guide on how to activate it now.

June is widely accepted as Pride month and a time to celebrate the LGBT community, and many companies come forward with their support for the community. It appears as if Apple is no exception, as they are set to release the Apple Watch Pride face within the coming days.

The Apple Watch Pride watch face actually animates in a different way every time you touch the display, with a variety of variations on the rainbow flag. Overall, it’s a beautiful animated watch face that many can’t wait to get their hands on.

If you’d like to get your hands on the watch face now, however, you can simply follow the steps below to activate the theme ahead of schedule.

How To Activate Apple Watch Pride Watch Face

Essentially, you can activate the Apple Watch Pride Watch face by moving the date ahead on your phone. Follow the steps below to do so.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone with your Apple Watch in range
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Date and Time, while turning off the “Set Automatically” feature
  4. Set the date on your Apple Watch to at least June 5th.
  5. Quit Settings and open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  6. Tap on the Face Gallery at the bottom of this menu
  7. You should now see the Apple Watch Pride face. Tap to select it.
  8. Tap add to enable the Watch face on your device.

“This face is inspired by the rainbow flag,” reads the description. “The threads of color move if you tap the display,” and they do so differently each time you touch the screen.

Once you’ve added the Apple Watch Pride face to your device, you set it the same way that you would any other theme. Press your Apple Watch display firmly to activate Force Touch and enter the selection interface. Swipe horizontally in order to select the face, and tap Customize to adjust to the three settings you’d like.

As WWDC approaches, many are hoping that Apple will add some sort of support for third-party Apple Watch faces, but that might not be the case as the company loves to exercise as much control as possible over their devices. Still, considering the fact that it’s a feature that is in so much demand it’s no doubt on the company’s radar.

Once the Apple Watch Pride face releases officially, make sure you adjust your device’s date in order to make it correct once again!

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