Apple Watch Hits eBay With Inflated Price Tags

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The Apple Watch is now available for preorder, and some eBay sellers are taking advantage of the opportunity. There are reports that some sellers are selling the new wearable at highly inflated prices.

One example of this is the Apple Watch Sport with Silver Aluminum Case and white 38mm wristband. Normally the device retails for $349, but the eBay seller is pricing the device at $599. The seller also promises to have it delivered by late April. There is another preorder for the Apple Watch Sport with Space Gray Aluminum Case and a black 42 mm wristband complete with an asking price of $969 plus shipping. The watch will arrive by May 13. Apple sells the same watch for $399, so the eBay seller’s markup is quite significant.

eBay sellers making a huge profit off Apple Watch

The previously mentioned watch is also available three weeks earlier for a hefty price of $1,299.99, not including the shipping fee. The highest price watch on eBay is the 38mm Apple Watch Edition with 18-karat Yellow Gold Case and Black Sport buckle. The watch sells for $10,000 through Apple and $15,000 through one eBay seller.

A growing luxury market

The watch is currently one of the most interesting gadgets ever created by Apple. It is a personal product, and it reaches new heights of luxury. The anticipation of the watch started with an endless number of rumors. Once Apple officially launched the watch, the anticipation didn’t stop. Now that the device is available for preorder, some people have no problem paying extra to receive the new watch sooner.

Today is the first day Apple’s new watch became available for purchase, and it is far too early to tell if the device is going to be a huge seller. There are many wearables and smartwatches on the market right now, but Apple is the only company aiming to transform the market.

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