What New Qualities Will Apple Arm The Apple Watch 2 With?

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Apple has yet to confirm the existence of the Apple Watch 2, but it is common knowledge that the smartwatch will be updated later this year. With many users anticipating a significant improvement over the initial Apple Watch, ValueWalk assesses here all of the latest news, leaks, rumors and information about the second generation Apple Watch.

Release date

This is actually the hardest element of the Apple Watch 2 to to predict at this juncture, as it was anticipated at one time that it would appear alongside the 4-inch iPhone And iPad Air 3 in April. However, this seems increasingly unlikely, with Apple expected to delay the Apple Watch 2 until later this year.

Possibly Apple could consider releasing the Apple Watch 2 alongside the iPhone 7 in what is presumed to be September.


It is expected that Apple will significantly improve the camera in the Apple Watch 2, and this could mean that a FaceTime camera is included. This would enable users of the Apple Watch 2 to make and receive video calls via their wristwatches.

Wi-Fi chip to deliver standalone smartwatch

Sources close to Apple suggest that the consumer electronics giant will make the smartwatch relying less heavily on the iPhone to be a central facet of its strategy for the Apple Watch 2. The current Apple Watch requires collaboration with the iPhone for numerous features, and it seems that the Apple Watch 2 will be considerably more capable when not connected to a smartphone.


There won’t be a huge departure from the design of the initial Apple Watch when the Apple Watch 2 emerges, but one interesting report is that Apple will add a new range. There is a huge gulf in pricing between the mid-price Apple Watch and the rather expensive Apple Watch Edition, and it is believed that Apple will plug this gap with a variant that will sit between the steel Apple Watch and the most expensive unit.

Battery life

The most common complaint about the original Apple Watch is that the battery life of the device is rather deficient. In many cases, users found that it wouldn’t even last a single day, and this is surely is supposed to be an item of convenience. Considering that the Pebble Time Steel smartwatch can last for as long as ten days on a single charge, it is vital for Apple to improve the battery life of the Apple Watch 2. This will undoubtedly be a significant focus of the second generation smartwatch.

Smart straps

Again, this is something that has already been included in the Pebble Time series, so Apple could consider implementing something similar when the Apple Watch 2 emerges. This could encompass features such as additional battery power, built-in LEDs that flash when notifications are received, extra sensors to improve workouts, etc.

Built-in GPS

The existing Apple Watch is reliant on the iPhone for GPS functionality, and it is something that Apple should rectify with the Apple Watch 2.

More durability

Apple could improve the durability of the Apple Watch this time round, and also deliver an Apple Watch 2 that is significantly dustproof and waterproof. An Apple Watch 2 that could be worn in the swimming pool, for example, would have obvious advantages over the original unit in the series.

Health-tracking features

In accordance with this, Apple failed to deliver numerous planned features in the original Apple Watch, and this could be addressed with the Apple Watch 2. The original smartwatch was expected to place a much greater emphasis on health-tracking functionality than ultimately was the case, and many of the functions that were planned for the original Apple Watch could surface here.

Circular display

It is highly debatable whether Apple will offer this particular option, but surely many fans of traditional wristwatches would love to see a circular display option when the Apple Watch 2 is released. Apple will certainly retain the rectangular design from the original Apple Watch, but this smartwatch has been all about offering customization options, and a circular display would seem to make obvious sense.

Slimmer design

Some users and analysts criticised the Original Apple Watch for being slightly too thick, and this could be tweaked with the Apple Watch 2.


The original Apple Watch was perhaps a little too pricey for some tastes, and it is possible that Apple could lower the price slightly when the Apple Watch 2 is released, or at the very least deliver a model of the smartwatch that is more affordable.

User interface improvement

Apple could also improve the user interface of the Apple Watch range when the second iteration of the smartwatch is released. Some users complained that the existing user interface is too complicated, with several different ways to interact with the smartwatch, and no one of these being particularly obvious or preferable. Simplifying the interface so that it is more intuitive would be a wise move for Apple, and likely that the consumer electronics giant is working on considering its penchant for delivering very slick devices.

Killer apps

It would certainly help the perception of the Apple Watch 2 if Apple ensured that killer apps were available from the day of release. Third-party applications were a little disappointing for the original Apple Watch, and a combination of improved software from Apple and other developers for this second generation smartwatch would certainly be welcome.

Define its purpose

The last thing Apple must do with the Apple Watch 2 is more successfully and adequately define the purpose of the smartwatch. Although the original Apple Watch was fairly well received, and has gone on to dominate the smartwatch marketplace in terms of units sold, the fact remains that many consumers wonder precisely why they would need an Apple Watch. Improved health-tracking can be part of this process, but above all else, Apple must demonstrate to consumers that the Apple Watch 2 is an unmissable purchase; something that it singularly failed to do with the original.

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