Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7 Launch Rumors

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Well, the long and the short of that “question” is that Google doesn’t like question marks in headlines and that, as always, we have zero idea what will see when Apple holds its Annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) beginning on in just over a week. Apple is quite famous for revealing nothing ahead of the conference so this will be rife with speculation.

Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7 Launch Rumors
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WWDC will show the Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7’s unveiling is widely expected and anticipated with me and hundreds of others having shown you leaks from the supply chain, innuendo, analysts notes and no shortage of rumors since Siri gave us the dates for the conference well ahead of the Cupertino company actually saying anything about the event. The dates, prior to Siri confirming them were largely figured out by other sources simply because of reservations being made for event where a mysterious block of dates was reserved by an unnamed company.

It’s nearly certain that you won’t see the iPhone 7 at the event. It’s surely going to go on sale in September but that’s the thing with Apple you just don’t know. However, I”m quite comfortable saying that indeed it will not be making an appearance as that falls square against Apple’s past patterns of release of its iconic iPhone line. I’m also comfortable saying that the iPhone 7 will be not be used to demonstrate iOS10, the newest software that will power the company’s line of iPhones and iPads. iOS 10 will be unveiled, maybe not by the iPhone 7 (I’ve already pulled back a bit.) Even without iPhone 7 showing up the introduction of iOS 10 will allow for rumors of what to expect from the iPhone 7 in September based on the functions packaged into iOS 10.

It’s believed that iOS 10 will focus on Siri as will Siri see other uses on different software platforms.Most are saying that Siri will get a reboot in order to integrate with third party features more seamlessly. In theory you might now find yourself saying, “Siri send Mike a text on WhatsApp rather than the personal assistant using Apple’s Messages.

For example, it’s been rumored for some time that Siri will be integrated into the company’s desktops and laptops (the iMacs and MacBooks). It’s also been rumored for some time that OSX will be getting a name change with MAC OS getting the nod.

Apple may very well chose to unveil its new MacBook Pro as it’s been awhile and would be a good way to demonstrate Siri outside of an Apple iPad or iPhone. Rumors have the new MacBook Pro with a smaller top screen to adapt to the computer and possibly a fingerprint unlocking function similar to

Sticking with Siri before heading on to the Apple Watch 2, many are calling for the release of an Apple speaker, assistant similar to Amazon’s Echo which runs Alexa. Clearly and hardware like this that Apple announces would run Siri. The rumor consensus, however, says it won’t be ready but is surely being developed with the release of Echo and now Google’s announced but not released Home speaker powered by Google Now.

Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7 Launch Rumors

There will be more but let’s move on the Apple Watch 2

Will there be the unveiling of the second generation Apple Watch? Again, we just don’t know but it is, perhaps, overdue? The first generation was unveiled in September and went on sale early in 2015.

It’s near certain that the operating system behind the watch which will likely be watchOS 3.0 and will boost the Apple Watch’s speed while also giving it more autonomy from the iPhone as it desperately needs and for that, well, you’re going to likely need a new watch, Apple Watch 2.

The rumors that it will be ready for WWDC are rife as Best Buy discounted the Apple Watch by a sizable $200 this last weekend.

Rumors are calling for the Apple Watch 2 to be considerably slimmer but at the same time boast Siri functions, a longer-lasting battery, a Facetime camera with facial recognition. If watchOS 3.0 is unveiled as expected we will know more. It’s possible that Apple will show the new version but not demonstrate it as it’s believed that is won’t go on sale until 2017 and that would certainly give engineers the time to iron out any problems they are presently experiencing.

We will definitely be paying attention to the event, reporting on it at length and generally saying, “Ok, I was wrong about that.” I’ll likely bring you information to stream it for yourself as well when the annual conference kicks off on June 13.

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