Apple Watch 2: What To Expect?

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One of the biggest and most important tasks that Apple has to deal with in 2016 is refining the Apple Watch series. The corporation itself doubtless wouldn’t describe the Apple Watch 2 as a reboot of the concept, as it is important that Apple does not alienate existing Apple Watch users. The company has a delicate balancing act to carry out between delivering an Apple Watch 2 that improves upon the original and attracts new consumers, but also emphasizing that the lifecycle of its smartwatch will be suitable for a wristwatch.

Many analysts, market observers and even fans of Apple pointed out this difficulty when the Apple Watch was originally announced, and it will be interesting to see if Apple has concocted a satisfactory solution. Considering the software issues that Apple has to tackle with the Apple Watch 2, and the Apple Watch series in general, it has been suggested that the lifespan of smartwatches will be significantly shorter than the average wristwatch. This obviously poses problems for Apple, and the corporation must deliver an Apple Watch 2 that satisfies the general marketplace, while also reassuring consumers that this is a long-term prospect.

Apple Watch 2 – Mainstream success

Nonetheless, the existing Apple Watch has been a pretty big success for Apple, even if the feeling persists that it is yet to establish itself as a mainstream device. The Apple Watch already controls 95 per cent of the smartwatch marketplace, but the corporation will be looking to increase the number of units that it shifts with the Apple Watch 2.

Perhaps the biggest barrier to adoption with the Apple Watch has been a failure to define exactly what the point of the device is, and this is something that Apple must address with the second iteration of the series.

Although Apple is notoriously reticent to reveal any details about its devices until it chooses to do so, there have been a few rumors about what we can expect from the Apple Watch 2. This device is likely to follow the release schedule of the original Apple Watch, and we can thus expect it to hit the stores in April of next year. When it does, that the general consensus of opinion is that it will feature a general increase in specifications, as well as the inclusion of a possible front-facing camera.

Apple is likely to unveil the Apple Watch 2 in March, ahead of its April release date. And it is also suggested that the smartwatch could be unveiled for the first time alongside the heavily mooted 4-inch iPhone 6c. Apple is thus likely to promote the potential collaboration between the iPhone series and the Apple Watch 2 when it is launched, with the aim of marketing the new iPhone variant to Apple Watch consumers.

watchOS2 clues

The preview of the second Apple Watch operating system, watchOS 2, earlier this year offered some clues about the Apple Watch 2. It seems that Apple will deliver new clock faces along with a time travel function when the Apple Watch 2 is released. While Apple may emphasize collaboration features with the 4-inch iPhone, it is also notable that the new operating system will make the Apple Watch significantly more independent from an iPhone device.

It is suggested that the Apple Watch 2 will be able to perform functions such as messaging, weather updates, location tracking and Apple Pay completely independently of the iPhone series. This would make the Apple Watch 2 feel considerably more standalone than the existing Apple Watch, which could begin to address the perception that the Apple Watch does not have a clear purpose.

It is likely that Apple will not diverge too strongly from the design of the original Apple Watch when the Apple Watch 2 is released. There are suggestions in the media that it may be slightly slimmer than the first Apple Watch release, but it will probably be instantly recognizable as an Apple Watch iteration.

In addition, it’s possible that Apple will make it even more suited to sport by increasing its IPX7 waterproof standard to an IP67 rating, in line with the Samsung Galaxy series. In accordance with this suggestion, it has already been reported that the next generation Apple Watch could be both waterproof and dustproof.

Health-tracking focus

This would suggest that Apple will improve the health-tracking capabilities of the smartwatch in 2016. Indeed, Apple was forced to leave out numerous intended features in the original Apple Watch due to technical issues, and it seems likely that these will have been solved by the time that the Apple Watch 2 hits the stores.

Apple is also likely to increase the battery life of the Apple Watch 2 by around 40 per cent when it is released, and a new model intended to fill the gap between the mid-range 42mm Apple Watch and exclusive Apple Watch Edition is also anticipated. There certainly seems to be plenty to look forward to when the Apple Watch 2 arrives in what is likely to be April.

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