Apple Vs Samsung: What Awaits Us In 2018?

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Whether you want the latest games or apps with fast translation capabilities, the choice between Apple and Samsung has always been a difficult one. The companies have shared more similar tech and capabilities in 2017 than any other year prior, but the dilemma still remains.

While one system boasts iOS, the other prefers Android as the system of choice. The choice between these two systems has been the hallmark of struggling buyers who can’t make up their minds. And while both companies have had fruitful calendar year in 2017, what can we expect from these giants in 2018?

A lifestyle choice

The main customer demographic of both companies has always been young and middle-aged people as well as companies looking for good, reliable smartphones for their employees. This comes as no surprise because while their operating systems and choice of applications (as well as translate application contemporaries) varies drastically, their reliability cannot be overstated.

While Apple has proven that phones don’t need rudimentary external devices such as jacked headphones or wired chargers, Samsung has given people an opportunity to use much sturdier and physically stable phones. It may come down to a lifestyle choice of many, and with 2018 underway; we can expect that both companies will flourish in their respected fields.

The internal structure of flagship phones that come from both companies may be too similar for some, but this choice doesn’t come lightly for either company. They simply decided to use reliable components from trusted sources and not opt for in-house hardware development (which would increase the retail cost of said models). And while iPhone X and Galaxy S8 Edge may not be similar at first glance, people will still opt for the model and brand that best suits their lifestyle and monetary capabilities (since Apple has proven to be slightly more expensive).

The public eye

In the eyes of the public and the stock market as a whole, the picture is constantly shifting. Apple’s stocks have risen whole 5% in the past year, with projections for even more growth in 2018. This doesn’t come as a surprise since Apple has increased their focus on providing sustainable phones for people who may not be able to afford their flagship models.

Products such as Apple Watch and lightweight MacBook computers have taken the market by storm, allowing even those with modest income to enjoy everything that Apple has to offer. This will lead to a direct drop in Samsung’s sales in the coming year, meaning that people will be met with more dilemma than ever before.

Apple has always been a company that provides quality products but also expects loyalty and support from its user base. This turn of events will see Samsung’s market share drop in 2018, resulting in a loss of revenue in the calendar year overall if projections are to be believed. If these projections come to fruition, it will be the first time that Samsung’s profits have dropped on a yearly basis since Galaxy S model series has launched.

A development choice

While it may come as a surprise to some, Samsung is losing the race when it comes to investment opportunities for outside investors. Apple has become too widespread and accessible to regular users that investing into Samsung doesn’t make much sense in the long term. With devices that Samsung lacks, such as Mac Books, Apple comes out as a clear winner from the investment side of things. However, one shouldn’t neglect the possibility of Samsung coming out on top by the end of 2018.

Android is a very popular and accessible platform for both users and developers, allowing translation program development as well as a plethora of customization opportunities. Apple for all its intents and purposes puts a firewall between their users and the backend code of Apple devices. This raises concerns due to a change in people’s perception of freedom of speech and security.

Samsung allows its users to use whichever model of device freely and without restrictions, something that Apple is yet to learn. In practice, this means that we can see leaps in development using Android as a platform of choice throughout 2018, raising concerns for Apple and its user base.

In a nutshell, people who use Apple’s products rarely express the desire to meddle in the code of said devices and their operating systems. People with intent to develop and discover will have plenty to look forward to in Samsung’s camp during 2018, which should make the choice of platform quite easily.

A symbiotic relationship

Whether you agree or not, Apple couldn’t thrive without Samsung and vice versa. The two giants have battled over customers and shares for years, with no one side letting up or winning. As long as both companies do their best to outshine their flagship phones (as is the case with Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8) there will always be space for debate.

The symbiotic relationship these companies find themselves in is poised to continue in 2018 with the upcoming smartphones coming from both houses. Whether someone needs a program that can be helpful in your work, translate to multiple languages, starting a blog or a dedicated gaming device doesn’t matter.

The line will continue to blur as iOS and Android offer more and more similar applications that offer the same amount of customization and accessibility for users. The paradigm will continue to grow as one company works to not only outshine the other but also provide extra value to the customer. Such is the nature of Apple’s relationship with Samsung in 2018 (and likely even beyond).

Future development

No one can say for certain what will happen to either company in 2018. The two giants are bound to coexist and work together not only to turn the profit but to stay afloat altogether. The public eye is closely monitoring the development of both the shares and technology of each company.

Whether customers and independent investors choose one over the other will come down to personal preference. With that in mind, paying close attention to market fluctuations and technological developments on both camps is the key to knowing which side to choose in 2018.

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