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Apple Inc. vs. Microsoft Corporation: Which Came Out Better At Its Product Event?

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Apple is known for innovation, but times are changing. Microsoft proved yet again at its recent hardware event that its products are much more innovative and exciting than those that were unveiled by Apple, says MarketWatch.

What Apple and Microsoft unveiled

At its annual hardware event on Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 Creators update. The update included several exciting things such as new virtual reality headsets that can be used on Windows PCs through the HoloLens platform and 3D imaging tools.

Microsoft also showcased an enterprise-grade desktop called the Surface Studio with a starting price of $2,999 that can essentially be folded into a table-sized tablet; the Surface Dial, an input device for Surface products that allows users to toggle between different menu items just by twisting it like a doorknob; and lastly, the Surface Book i7.

At its hardware event on Thursday, Apple unveiled a new app for the Apple TV. It serves as a glorified TV guide that does not have the world’s two most popular streaming services on it — Amazon Prime and Netflix, notes MarketWatch. The big reveal was the release of two new MacBook Pros that are marginally thinner and lighter than their predecessors.

The new PCs come with a new input feature called a Touch Bar. Its functionality is the same as that of the Surface Dial as it allows users to interact with their screens from the top of their PCs in a much easier manner. It can also adapt input options based on the software being used at the time.

Which was better?

Apple’s Mac update is “a solid evolution” for its Pro line of laptops, believes Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. But there are many who argue that compared with Microsoft’s new products, it was hugely underwhelming. Many designers praised Microsoft’s event, calling it better than that of Apple’s.

“Designers praising microsoft, hating on apple. also casual mentions of ww3 creeping up,” tweeted Jim Silverman.

Also technologists, some of whom are even avid Apple users, were in support of Microsoft.

“For the first time, Microsoft’s ‘Pro’ user products are more exciting to me than Apple’s,” tweeted Matthew Zappile.

“Microsoft: Here is the future of the desktop for creatives & professionals; Apple: Here’s a year-old CPU and an emoji bar for $200 more,” tweeted Christian Correa.

Along with Apple’s product, its stock too has started to look less shiny as investors start to question if iPhones and MacBooks were a better buy over other products. On Thursday, Apple stock closed down 0.96% at $114.48.

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