Apple Inc. To Sell Unlocked iPhone 6, 6 Plus In U.S.

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Apple will start shipping its unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from its website as well as retail stores starting today, according to a report from 9to5Mac. The unlocked versions will be priced same as the locked models, with the 16 / 64 / 128GB versions of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus selling for $649 / $749 / $849 and $749 / $849 / $949 respectively.

Nothing unusual from Apple

Since the launch, many iPhone 6 models have been unlocked, but until now, the company refrained from marketing them. At present, users buy the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus under a contract with carriers or unlocked and unsubsidized if the user is a T-Mobile customer. With Apple selling the iPhones without a SIM card, customers will be able to subscribe to any network around the world or select a carrier without worrying about compatibility. Users will be able to slap a nano-SIM in the unlocked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus versions from any compatible GSM network for cellular voice, texting and data connectivity.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company launched the unlocked versions of the iPhone 5S last November after the launch of the carrier-specific models in September. Apple follows this trend of offering the unlocked versions of the iPhone shortly after every new model’s launch. But according to 9to5 Mac, the unlocked iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are being released later than usual. Generally, the company launches the unlocked versions two months later. Probably manufacturing delays and high demand postponed the launch of the unlocked versions.

More about unlocked models

Apple’s iPhone can be unlocked via hardware, but this method is usually not suggested for the layman. The second option is to get the official Apple iTunes unlock available from the company, which works on the iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, and 4S and any network worldwide.

Users who got their phone unlocked previously had to forgo the subsidy offered on the iPhone. Carriers subsidize the locked iPhones, which is why they are cheaper to buy. One of the major disadvantages of getting the phone unlocked was the breach of warranty. However, now even on the unlocked iPhones, the warranty remains valid, and the phone can be upgraded to the newest versions of iOS, including iOS 8.1.2, 8.1.3 or 8.2.

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