New Apple TV May Arrive Soon, Spotted In FCC Filing

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A few days ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s updated database revealed that an Apple-branded product has passed through the certification authority. The FCC filing was first spotted by French publication Consomac. Though the filing documents don’t provide much information, the screw dimensions and case placement are similar to that of the 4th-generation Apple TV, according to Apple Insider.

Is it the 5th-gen Apple TV?

The hardware carries the model number A1844, which is not currently in use by Apple. According to the filing, the FCC has conducted tests on the product’s NFC and Bluetooth capabilities. The inclusion of NFC is a bit surprising, considering the iPhone maker has used the technology only for Apple Pay. The regulator did not perform tests on its WiFi capabilities.

It indicates that Apple has either ditched the WiFi functionality altogether or using the same WiFi chip as the previous version, which wouldn’t require re-testing. Its power specifications are also different from the current Apple TV. Power draw for the product certified by FCC is 100mAh with a peak of 700mA, and between 5.5V-13.2V, points out Apple Insider. The 4th-generation TV’s power supply is rated at 920mA and 12V.

Test docs hidden by a request for confidentiality

Apple has hidden most of the test documentation by a request for confidentiality. The timing of the FCC filing makes sense. After the iPhone event, Apple traditionally holds a second event sometime in October to release other new hardware including Macs. We can see an updated Apple TV by the end of this year.

What should we expect from the next-gen TV? Rumors suggest it could bring 4K and HDR capabilities. It is also said to challenge Amazon Echo, building on Siri virtual assistant. The device spotted on FCC could also be something different from Apple TV, such as a product compatible with Apple Pay that can be put to retail use in Apple Stores.

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