Apple TV Coming To India At A Price Of Rs 6,990 [REPORT]

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Apple TV Coming To India At A Price Of Rs 6,990 [REPORT]

For quite some time we have been getting rumors that Apple is planning to launch Apple TV in India. BGR India now reports that Apple is going to launch Apple TV in India in less than 2 weeks. The device would be priced at Rs 6,990, and it’s important to note that Apple’s official website offers Apple TV for $99.

Apple has recently introduced the iTunes Store in India, which features local and international music from all the major labels. Apple offers TV service in all countries where the iTunes Store is accessible; and since it was not officially available in India, the Apple TV was not launched. However, with iTunes Store going live in India last week, it made more sense for Apple to launch Apple TV.

Apple TV can play content from iTunes, Hulu Plus, Netflix and YouTube in 1080p. Users just need a device like Apple TV to enter into a world of music, movies, photos, and more. Apple TV also helps with playing content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on your HDTV; and that is done wirelessly.

This device is not a competition to STB (set-top box) or Dish providers that connect to the TV. Basically the new product offers content from the Internet to your TV. Now only time will tell how Apple TV will be received in India.

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