Apple To Release iPhone 7, iPhone Pro, iPhone SE In 2016

Apple To Release iPhone 7, iPhone Pro, iPhone SE In 2016
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Consumer electronics customers all over the world have been eagerly awaiting the next range of iPhone releases, and it now seems that the names for these mobiles have been confirmed by Apple internally. Leaked sketchings of the smaller four-inch iPhone unit seem to suggest that the next handset from the consumer electronics giant will be be referred to as the iPhone SE.

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Apple To Release iPhone 7, iPhone Pro, iPhone SE In 2016

Branding alteration

It had previously been reported that Apple would brand this smartphone as the iPhone 5SE, with the SE part of the name standing for Special Edition. This new device is certainly a departure from the standard iPhone fare considering that it is significantly smaller than the premium iPhone handset.

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9to5Mac suggests that the next generation affordable iPhone unit will launch in March alongside a smaller iPad Pro tablet with a 9.7-inch display. As has been expected, both will be unveiled at a special March 15 event, alongside new colors and band designs for the Apple Watch smartwatch.

New device surprise

Another rumor this week has caught Apple-following media on the hop, and indicates that the corporation is considering effectively releasing a second new iPhone Product line. Reports from close to the Apple supply chain suggest that the premium iPhone 7 Plus device, that had already been predicted to feature dual cameras, could ultimately be dubbed the iPhone Pro.

This is very much speculative at the time of writing, as it has emanated from the Chinese website MyDrivers. But Apple is reportedly considering this distinctive name in order to separate the device from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with both of the standard units to feature single-lens cameras.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had suggested previously that Apple is beavering away internally on producing two separate versions of the iPhone 7 Plus. And Kuo indeed noted the differing camera technologies as being central to this ethos.

Some analysts have suggested that this information is questionable, as there seems to be very little incentive for Apple to effectively splinter its iPhone lineup. But the murmurings from China and the insistence of the world’s most prominent Apple analyst and soothsayer must make this report a distinct possibility.

So by the end of 2016 it could be possible for consumers to choose from four separate new iPhone units. The first will be the iPhone SE, which will emerge in April according to the most recent reports. And then three iPhone units will all presumably arrive in the early weeks of the fourth quarter of the year, as is usual procedure for Apple. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be accompanied by this new iPhone Pro unit, and it seems natural for Apple to release the three simultaneously.

The Pro range

It is interesting to note that the iPad Pro expected to launch in the next month or so was originally expected to receive the iPad Air 3 moniker. The fact that Apple is now expected to brand this device as another iPad Pro, and also the information regarding the iPhone Pro, suggest that this could be an intentional move by Apple to create what is effectively a brand new product niche. It seems that the Pro line of devices could be targeted at the business community in particular, as well as naturally attracting consumers.

Although the emergence of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is some distance away, numerous leaks have given us a clue regarding the ultimate makeup of these iconic smartphone devices. Waterproofing and dustproofing is expected to be central to the ethos of the iPhone 7 series, as Apple intends to create devices that are well suited to health-tracking.

In addition, it has been widely reported that Apple will eliminate the standard headphone jack when the iPhone 7 is released, and that the new handset will instead rely on wireless technology. This is also said to be a particularly sleek version of the iconic iPhone range, as the new design will eliminate the rear antenna bands and protruding camera of previous releases.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac has claimed to have received the first drawings of the smaller version of the iPhone range from a case manufacturing company. These would seem to indicate that the new iPhone device is extremely similar to the 2013 iPhone 5s, with significant internal hardware and software upgrades also included. It seems that Apple is attempting to keep production costs relatively low with this device, and this would suggest that it could be an extremely affordable variant targeted at the budget marketplace.

iPhone Pro, iPhone SE & iPhone 7 Spec upgrades

Among the spec improvements linked with the iPhone SE are a faster A9 processor and M9 chip which will ensure that this is a pretty nifty performer for more affordable devices. In addition, Apple is expected to ensure that the storage of the iPhone SE is superior to previous budget releases from the consumer electronics behemoth.

Apple Pay is also set to be central to the ethos of the iPhone SE, with an NFC chip included in order to ensure that the mobile payment system is available from day one. As Apple attempts to boost its revenue in 2016, a year in which it has already conceded that it expects to sell less iPhone units than in previous calendar years, Apple Pay could be pushed strongly with this aim in mind.

The iPhone SE will also probably include the best camera that Apple has ever armed a more affordable smartphone with, and some analysts are suggesting that it could even have equal photographic capability to last year’s iPhone 6s.

It is not yet clear whether the iPhone Pro will significantly different from the iPhone 7 in any other respect other than the dual-cameras fitted. But one possible difference could be a larger screen size, with some people predicting that the Galaxy Note 6, an obvious rival to the iPhone Pro, will include a six-inch display this year. Apple could embrace a larger iPhone Pro, and even contemplate producing a curved screen variant of the mobile.

There is a lot ahead for Apple this year In the smartphone niche, and it certainly seems that consumers will benefit.

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  1. Well, my iPhone 4S stopped charging a week ago and after exploring several options, I decided to try out last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB- got a brand new one at ~US$570; in comparison, the iPhone 6S+ 64GB proposed by some of you below would have set me back a whopping US$850!
    I’ve had it for just two days but I must say Apple has been overtaken by the competition. I get to use my S6 all day and still have 30%-40% charge remaining when I get home at 6pm. I also get an astonishing 24 HOURS BATTERY LIFE on the ultra power saving mode without having to shut down mobile data or WiFi. Excellent camera and almost limitless customization options. Not as intuitive to navigate as the iPhones I’ve owned but I’m definitely getting used to it and the phone is, certainly superior to the iPhone when one takes into account the benefits vs. cost.

  2. I’m interested in learning about the POV of users who prefer a device that does NOT just work with the tap of a button. Like, could you give a step-by-step workflow comparison? To help iPhone users visualize what it might be like to accomplish the same task with a non-iPhone? That way, maybe we can move the discussion to a neutral zone, away from the fanboy/haters polarity.

  3. I wouldnt have an Iphone if I were handed one personally by Apple!! In my books….Apple is a disgusting company helping to put “supposedly” privacy over and above national security!!

  4. I just have very well knowledge in PCs and mobile devices as I have enjoyed that since I was a teenager. I build custom towers and I do I.T. support working on servers and circuits. No geek squad here :-)

  5. I’m not trying to prove anything, but when you want something that just works with a tap of the button, you have the iPhone. I know you can jail break an iPhone and do the exact same thing, but people who do that HAVE an understanding how that works are more “inclined” as I previously stated. Without Google open source however, you wouldn’t have all this competitoon. – Posted from my Note 5.

  6. I’m not trying to prove anything, but when you want something that just works with a tap of the button, you have the iPhone. I know you can jail break an iPhone and do the exact same thing, but people who do that HAVE an understanding how that works are more “inclined” as I previously stated.

  7. 1) True, although Bluetooth technology for voice is poor in general. It’s not all on apples shoulders, much of the problem has to do with the device you connect to such as your car. Some do a much better job than others. A “smart” phone is really now more of a mobile micro computing device. The phone portion is not where the money is being made. And most phone issues belong to the carries. A cell phone is a fancy two way radio. I’m sure this is not news to you.
    2) You nailed that one. I paid for music match so I could use iTunes radio without commercials. I do not want or need yet another nickel and dime subscription service. Music match coupled with iTunes radio was a good value.
    3) MicroSoft Office and Exchange Server integration issues belong to MicroSoft. Your getting the same software quality MicroSoft has long been famous for. It sucks. Why do you think that the Mac market is still growing?
    4) Many of the phone issues belong to the carries. If the phone was to hang up on its own, your call drops would go through the roof. Keeping your calls active while the call is passed from tower to tower is pretty tricky stuff. Although it is getting much better. The remainder looks like an excellent opportunity for an app.
    5) You nailed that one.

    MicroSoft Exchange in in large commercial environments can really suck and that’s just working with their traditional desk top windows PC. And that’s at a fortune 100 computer technology company. How many people do you know that still use a Windows based smart phone? You can get away with crap when your first to market. Unless you built a vast war chest of billions of $$ to crush competition, you have to improve your quality, and improve rapidly. Or get crushed.

    Most people move from one platform to another out of frustration. Most PC’s did the basic job as long as you put enough memory in. It’s the OS that makes the biggest difference. Same is true for the mobile device. Then comes the basic apps. With the first so called smart phone who would of thought maps would of been a big deal? Now use maps almost as much as any other app after mail and texting. Even on foot in big cities. The camera, very cool.

    That’s a pretty cool computer you have stuck in your pocket. Unless you are still working with a Blackberry or a Windows phone.

  8. The subtlety of change only exists in your mind as Apple plays their intense con game on the narrow minded audience that believes their line of crap.

  9. I’ve had an iPhone 4, I have an iPhone 5, and a iPhone 6 Plus and I never noticed any difference in battery life between any of them, I was unaware that there’s an issue with them. I doubt that I will be getting the iPhone 7, not because I don’t like them, just because enough already! They’re great phones, but hopefully the 6 Plus will stay relevant for a couple years at least!

  10. Ridiculous! They put out two iPhones a year, each one a little bit better than the previous one. They are simply keeping up with technology, sometimes technology takes giant leaps, sometimes it’s little steps, either way, it’s going forward. Apple hasn’t “lost their way” (by the way, it’s lose, not loose) they improve the iPhone with each release. The iPhone 6 did not sell as well as they expected, but nothing is an exact science! And Android versus Apple thing, I think at this stage of the game it probably won’t change much from here on out. Apple users have already paid apps and whatever from the app store and would lose everything if they switch to Android and vice versa, so Apple users stay Apple users and Android users stay Android. My brother in law is always showing off the latest things his Android can do and tells me I should get one, I always tell him I’d lose all that I’ve paid at the Apple Store if I did that, for him to forget it, I’ll never switch!

  11. I have the iPhone 6 Plus, and after the first update it froze. Apple acknowledged it, sent a second update to correct whatever it was that caused it to freeze and since then its froze only once or twice afterwards.

  12. Ah, not so fast there, bucko! Just pay attention to whatever device someone on television or in a movie is using from anything from just a few years ago and you’ll notice how things change so quickly! Watch something from five or ten years ago, and whatever it is they’re using, it looks prehistoric! The thing of it is, Apple releases a new version twice a year, so the changes are subtle.

  13. So if what you are saying is true, then this whole thing in the press about the FBI tryna strong arm Apple into giving them someway to access that Muslim who shot up San Bernardino’s iPhone is just a publicity stunt to make the FBI look strong? Or is Apple orchestrating the whole affair to prove something to the consumers? Please enlighten me!

  14. My wish list is different:
    1) it’s a phone. Improve the voice quality, particularly with Bluetooth headsets. They largely suck.
    2) improve Synchronoss options. Perhaps recognize that iTunes is music management, and a store, not a Synchronoss station.
    3) fix Microsft Office integration so it works, bulletproof. It’s not close today, and it’s worse if not on an Exchange server.
    4) basic issues, like hanging up. Call when the screen times out. Hanging up should be instinctive, positive, and instant.
    Photo scan, OCR a business card that works without going to an offshore business. Security of contact information and accompanying note should be rock solid locked.
    5) give better control over font size and display placement, so fine print websites can be more easily read.

    After that, whatever fluff you want to deliver, but get the basics better first!

  15. Apple’s model is the parfum model – what they are selling is packaging, marketing, and status. If it’s just features and product you’re after, you’d be advised to go on Ebay and buy a 6 month old android, and save 90%.

  16. Consumer electronics are made outside the US. The phone you carry with you contains a chip or
    code that reports back to its manufacturer. For the average person, this isn’t a big deal. But information is power. Those who make the key decisions that effect the economy, politics, corporate management, Wall Street, etc, can unwittingly divulge key secrets with the press of a button or a few words. Encryptian is a made-up word to make you think you’re secure. You are not. The FBI easily knows how to
    collect evidence from a “secure” phone, whether Apple thinks so or not. Every word you say, every message you send, is intercepted by someone, somewhere. Be careful what information you put out there.

  17. One should be sick of this ridiculous marketing crap with this continuous touting of so called new phones, all of which is most like that constant reconfigured trash that the American auto manufactures turned out in the 60s.
    These after thoughts by Apple in its need to maintain so semblance of market stability is laughable and the writers who hype it are dispicable.

  18. There were some defective batteries in the 5 & 5s models–not sure about the 4s. Apple was replacing them for free for awhile. Did you ever try searching the serial number of your phone to see if Apple would replace it?

  19. The iPhone 6 plus battery tends to last 8+ hours for me with regular use of listening to music, checking emails and occasionally using data for GPS. The only times I’ve had to stop mid-day to charge is when I use the camera a lot.

  20. At least my iPhone doesn’t crash and freeze up like a windows computer — Android sometimes freezes and has to let the battery completely die before it can be reset. I have never had any apple device or computer do that in 20 years.

  21. Clueless much ? I have a masters in computer science and i still prefer to use an iPhone !! Unless an android device can voluntarily jump on demand and make me my coffee and sammich i have no use for it !! Get a life … its a friggin phone !!

  22. In the end, the arguments are not about Apple products. The angriest “Android” guys are essentially wallflowers who feel left out of the party invitation. What’s the point of trying to change people’s minds? You’ll be doing it until you’re 70, guaranteed.

  23. Regarding the users who don’t understand the capability of a computer or mobile device, do you mean that iPhones appeal to those who have no grasp of a device’s “full potential” as opposed to the more restricted set of the device’s obvious, well publicized uses? In other words, such users are not like the 1980s TV character MacGyver?

  24. The Apple ring was a failure except for the folks who got one to brag with to friends and strangers at bars, taverns and venues where flashing light shows are interesting.

  25. LOL. As opposed to jailbreaking where you can do all the exact same things you do when you root a device? This is the same argument that people who Windows (for god’s sake) as opposed to OSX (which is basically FreeBSD with a shell) has. It’s absolutely ridiculous. MAME plays just fine on a jailbroken device, movies do as well. There is literally nothing an Android does that an Iphone can’t do.

    Learn how to be a technologist instead of trying to prove your favorite is better…..when it isn’t.

  26. “some analysts are suggesting that it could even have equal photographic capability to last year’s iPhone 6s.” Hopefully they try harder than that. The sensor in the 6s is garbage compared to lg and Samsung’s offerings of last year.

  27. My suggestion is to spend $20 and buy an extra iPad charger. It charges the iphone much faster than the small, included charger that comes with the iPhones and isn’t much larger.

  28. I used to have a 4S. I now have a 6S+. The battery life is great. I bought a battery case for trips, but rarely use it. It is a fabulous phone/camera.

  29. battery life is good on my iphone 6 plus. i can go two or three days on a full battery. just depends on how much you use it.

  30. Technology inclined as I define: Someone who understands the capability of a computer, mobile device. Who understands why things work or doesn’t work. Willing to customize to their liking. I would recommend a high end phone in this case, such as a note 5, LG G4/5, HTC higher end models. I have unlocked my note 5, customize it with a rom, load old school games and have my productivity apps on the note 5.

  31. Interesting. How do you define “technologically inclined” and what phone would you recommend to a technologically inclined user?

  32. 30-40% after using the phone all day? That’s what I want; though my size preference is the iPhone 6/6S. I’ll check out the 6S+ if this year’s models don’t wow me

  33. I’m on my phone all day due to a traveling job 10-12 hours. I might be at 30-40% at the end of the night. Phone will last me two days just being at home of full on use. Get a 6S+. I’ve always had galaxies before this iPhone. Plus I did have a 4S for a bit of time before I got my Gakaxy 4.

  34. They iPhone chargers are reasonably portable. Outlets are often found in trains, cars and airplanes. I don’t believe that they are in buses yet. Personally, I will move from the 6 to the 5se, because it will be an easier carry.

  35. While I don’t care for the iPhone, I do recommend them to people who are not technology inclined. On that note, seems like Apple is starting to loose their way and flooding the market so they can make a profit. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but post-Jobs era, you can start to see the small decline of Apple. They better get this into gear because they can’t bring Jobs back.

  36. I’ll continue using my iPhone 4S until EITHER it breaks down OR Apple releases an iPhone with reasonable battery life; if the latter happens first and Apple has not sorted out the battery life issue, I’ll have no choice but to move over to Android

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