Apple Inc. Tightens Health App Privacy Rules

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has customer privacy on its priority list. The Cupertino tech giant recently made a decision to prevent developers from selling data stored in the HealthKit API to advertisers. These changes were made a part of the developers license agreement.

Apple takes action to prevent HealthKit information being sold

The agreement clearly states that developers can’t sell users’ health information collected through the thr API program. However, there is still a provision that allows the health information to be shared with third-party health research companies. This still requires user consent, however.

Apple’s latest move is a win for all. Tech users do not appreciate having their personal information compromised, but some companies fail to acknowledge the customer’s right to privacy. In some cases, the company gets into trouble over it. Apple’s plan to prevent developers from selling personal data will encourage more people to use iOS 8, and it should also give the company another positive score in the smartphone battle.

Growing demand for wearable tech

Wearable gadgets are creating more opportunities that could enable the health industry to treat people. It is reported that Apple is talking with both health care professionals and health insurance companies about creating a special platform.

The tech giant’s executives reportedly also discussed the same ideas with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The only thing that really needs to be looked into with the new agreement is to make sure certain developers don’t deviate from the rules. The way to do this is by removing the app from the tightly secure App Store if the developer strays from the rules.

Technology-enhanced healthcare and fitness apps are likely to be part of the next phase. The growing interest in technology and fitness only certifies the fact that both things should go together. If more people can take an active interest in fitness with the help of modern tech, the better off everyone will be.

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