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Apple Partners With The Rock For A Commercial Co-starring Siri

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Apple’s voice assistant Siri will be featured in a commercial with popular WWE star Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The commercial titled “The Rock x Siri: Dominate The Day” debuts today on Apple’s YouTube page instead of Apple Music.

What The Rock says about “The Rock x Siri”

Just last year, the company came up with a commercial for Apple Music in which we saw Taylor Swift using and promoting the app. This time it’s Johnson who will be seen promoting the popular voice assistant.

The poster about the commercial shared by Johnson via a tweet on Sunday generated a lot of curiosity among people who are trying to find out what the poster could mean. Some may try to ask Siri about its plans to work with the Rock on a commercial, but that won’t work, as Siri won’t offer you the answers you were looking for.

However, on his Facebook page, Johnson notes that the commercial will be the “dopest,” and its purpose is to motivate people to pursue their dreams.

“I partnered with #Apple to make the BIGGEST, COOLEST, CRAZIEST, DOPEST, MOST OVER THE TOP, FUNNEST (is that even a word?) movie ever. And I have the greatest co-star of all time – #SIRI. I make movies for the world to enjoy and we also made this one to motivate you to get out there and get the job done. I want you to watch it, have fun with it and then go LIVE IT,” Johnson said on his Facebook page.

It must be noted that Johnson described “The Rock x Siri; Dominate The Day” on his Facebook page as a movie; however, now he refers  to it as a “crazy fun” commercial.

A smart marketing ploy from Apple

Apple has undoubtedly made a strange move with this collaboration, but it could prove to be a smart marketing stunt. The world knows that the HomePod, Apple’s smart-home system that will make extensive use of Siri, is scheduled for release in the next few months. With competitors such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant already in the marketplace, Apple needs to market its virtual assistant well, and the commercial starring The Rock could serve that exact purpose.

“The Rock x Siri: Dominate The Day” is the second time that Apple can be seen as a continuation of Apple’s efforts in original content. Last month, the iPhone maker released a short film titled Detour. The movie was special, as it was entirely shot on the iPhone by French director, Michel Gondry. The 11-minute movie features the story of a tricycle that falls off a car and its journey to find its owner, a little girl. Apple is also working on episodes of its Planet of the Apps show.

Update: The short movie is now live on Apple’s YouTube channel and on Apple.com. It appears more of an ad than a film, as some are describing it, because the use of Siri is effectively shown.


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