Apple, Inc. Patent Unveils ‘Siri For Mac’

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Siri voice assistant technology is one of the company’s key products found exclusively in iOS.  Late last year, the iPhone maker’s large 92-page patent application was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple’s Siri for Mac computers

The technology is described as something that goes beyond the current voice feature for Mac computers and makes it more like Siri. The current desktop version has the ability to process natural speech and text input for completing tasks. This makes it a lot like the current Siri for iOS. Apple will likely take the desktop version further as commands will be taken into context based on user intent. This mean the desktop version will utilize speech recognition to figure out and memorize contextual clues.

What’s more is that Siri for Mac features a similar backend to Siri iOS. A user-facing Siri asset can be integrated into a separate app with a simple mouse or keyboard gesture. It might also run in the background waiting to be activated with a simple ”Hey Siri” phrase. A few embodiments show the virtual assistant icon residing in the dock which lets users know it’s active. This is one of the many modes that allow users to speak commands and launch dictations from anywhere on the computer.

Apple’s technology advances using voice input

Voice input is one of the key features noted in the patent. This technology will augment keyboard and mouse input, however in certain cases, it may replace the physical tool tools. Siri’s answer/response system will be applied to the desktop version with more advanced operations that can operated only on a larger computer. The desktop version also utilizes a focus selector/mouse cursor which helps users apply context to a command. This enables the assistant to perform a copy operation for an asset under the hovering cursor or possibly hold a batch of highlighted files for later.

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