Apple ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign continues with 8 new videos

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Apple’s advertising team is not only focusing on big attractions like DJ Khaled or Taylor Swift but is also turning to the talent of artistically-inclined iPhone owners worldwide as well. After revealing a pair of new Apple Music ads starring DJ Khaled, Apple uploaded a series of new videos yesterday as a part of its “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign.

What are Apple’s new iPhone ads?

On Monday, the tech giant released a series of short ads from some of the best iPhone videos shot by its users worldwide. In the title and at the end, the source of each video is credited. Last year the smartphone making giant surprised Shot on iPhone photographers with a physical photo book of ads from the campaign.

The eight videos shared by the company are each set to a different background track. Everything from idyllic summer beach scenes, to EDM beats giant, to stop-motion penguin parties and hippos bobbing is included in the eight 15-second vignettes. These ads include Slow-Mo and other features, and the iPhone maker displays the versatility of the iPhone 6s camera through them

Last year, Apple started the award-winning campaign to show off the creative capabilities of its high-definition cameras and its suite of software tools. These latest ads come as the tech giant is starting to roll out a new creativity-focused version of its Genius Bar to some of its biggest retail stores as a way to instruct people on how to use Apple products for film, music and photography.

“Shot on iPhone” campaign a success for Apple

For Apple, the “Shot on iPhone” ad series — originally introduced in early 2015 — has been very successful. Last year, the smartphone making giant took home one of the top prizes at the Cannes Grand Prix Festival, which is a big achievement. A photo featured in the campaign won its own Cannes Lions award as well.

Throughout the past year, the tech giant has expanded the reach of the “Shot on iPhone” campaign, including by hanging billboards on skyscrapers displaying iPhone photography.

The Cupertino-based firm returned to the “Shot on iPhone” ad series last month for Mother’s Day, but this marks the first huge release of the videos for the campaign in a while. In February, the smartphone making giant rebooted the ad campaign with all-new images from the iPhone 6s.

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