Apple Self-Adjusting Bands Are Reportedly In The Works

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a new patent to Apple for self-adjusting bands. These bands, like their name suggests, will intelligent adjust to the wearer’s wrist. This revolutionary project is expected to replace the mechanisms that already are in Apple’s smartwatches, which is great for those whose wrist is too large or too small.

Apple’s patent is titled “Dynamic fit adjustment for wearable electronic devices.” If this new technology makes it out of the patent phase and into real product status, it will help users adjust the band to their wrists in s much more intuitive manner. The company points out how troublesome it is to adjust the already-existing wristbands, implying that these Apple self-adjusting bands are going to make a change that won’t disappoint.

There are more reasons as to why the new technology would benefit users. The patent suggests that these Apple self-adjusting bands will solve the problem of existing bands not providing sufficient fit for customers. The patent also highlights that the bands that are currently available could make the watch lose contact with the wearer’s skin or at least make them not come as close to the skin as they should for the sensors inside to work properly. As you may imagine, the Watch’s sensors might fail to work if they are away from the wearer’s skin.

The patent doesn’t offer many details about these Apple self-adjusting bands and how will they be offered. It does suggest that the overall system will feature a gas or fluid bladder for controlling the grip or a built-in tensioner system.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to take the news regarding these Apple self-adjusting bands with a grain of salt. It wouldn’t be the first time if the company has filed a patent that won’t make it to the final project stage and then the market. Still, given the circumstances with the previous models and bands, there is a good chance this project will make it to production.

If you have an Apple Watch, you may have experienced this sort of inconvenience before. Would these Apple self-adjusting bands solve the problem for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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