Apple Recalls Some Third-Gen Apple TV Boxes For Faulty Part

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Apple recently learned that some third-generation Apple TVs shipped to customers include an unspecified faulty part. Therefore, to correct the mistake, Apple reached out to a few of its customers who recently bought the set-top box, informing them of the faulty part.

Small number of users affected

Apple has introduced an exchange offer for such customers. The company will take back the box with the faulty part and ship them brand new units, says a report from MacRumors. No public advisory of the issue has been posted by the company, which is the general trend with most repair or recall programs, suggesting the number of affected units is very small. Most likely, the defective TVs were bought just a few weeks ago.

Apple is playing it safe and not waiting for customers to complain. Hence, it is taking a proactive approach by identifying the devices with the faulty part, according to workers at the company’s help desk. It is very possible that customers who have not had any issues with their Apple TVs could also get an email from the company.

Apple to give gift card also

The moment a customer confirms Apple’s question about whether their Apple TV is defective, he or she is sent a brand new unit. Apple has not put any such requirement of first receiving the defective box back before sending a new one. On receiving the defective unit back from the customer, the company provides a free iTunes gift card as well.

“I will send you a new apple tv, we will email FedEx labels to send back the old one then once we get the old one, we will send you an iTunes gift card for the troubles,” Apple says in its email to affected buyers.

Previously, a fire safety risk was cited by the company for the recall of its Beats Pill XL Speakers this summer. At that time, the company did not offer an exchange for the speaker; instead, it offered a free Apple Store gift card to customers.

Customers need not worry about a defect in their units, as Apple will surely contact them if they are defective. Anyone receiving an email or call from Apple can be assured about the legitimacy of the replacement program initiated by the iPhone maker.

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