Apple Retail Rebranding Reveals New Credo, New Positions

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Apple is scheduled to launch the iPhone 7 in September, but before, the company is rebranding its retail outlets to make them more customer-centric. As a part of this, on Sunday, Apple held a meeting with its retail employees to introduce them to the new credo and also announce new job positions and new store layouts, reported MacRumors.

Apple’s new credo

Apple’s new credo is nothing but an updated version of an earlier motto that retail employees were told to follow, noted the International Business Times. Apple’s ultimate goal of enriching the lives of dreamers is at the heart of this credo, which is about making them doers and helping people expand their human potential.

The previous credo had three sections, namely — Our People, Our Customer, Our Daily Commitment. The new one has two main sections – at Our Best and At Our Core – and it does not count the first part, which serves as the opening statement and echoes the title “Enriching “Lives,” noted the IB Times.

The meeting with employees comes just days after the tech giant revealed that it is scrapping the word “store” from its outlets’ name as a part of its strategy to rebrand its stores.

Apple renames current positions

Apart from the new credo, the company revealed that it will have new positions and also renamed designations in its retail outlets in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Apple stores in these two countries will have a Pro, a Creative Pro and a Technical Expert. The employees with the most knowledge about Apple’s products and services will be eligible for the Pro and the Creative Pro positions

The new position of Technical Expert is meant to provide mobile repairs and troubleshooting for products and software. In the area of customer support, the Technical Experts are considered between the positions of Technical Specialist and Genius, says IB Times.

Apple has also renamed some of the current retail positions. The Red Zone Specialist has been renamed to Specialist, the Family Room Specialist has been renamed to Technical Specialist, and the Business Specialist has been renamed to Business Expert. The new name for the Back-of-Hour-Specialist is Operations Specialist, and Operations Pro is the new name for Inventory Specialist.

The layout of the retail outlets will remain the same mostly, but new names have been given to certain areas. Now the Back-of-House will be referred to as Backstage, and Product Zone will be the new name of Red Zone.

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