Apple Patents Photo Edit Feature That Adds Effects To Photos

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Apple is constantly looking for new ways to revolutionize the ordinary. A new patent recently filed by the company shows a new method for adding effects to photos.

A new patent for image editing

PatentYogi was the first to discover the new patent, which describes a technology designed to automatically add effects to photos using sound, motion or location. On Jan. 13, Apple was granted patent number 8,933,960, entitled “Image alterations technique.” This photo effect feature would differ from Instagram’s offerings in a significant way as users would not have to select effects every time they wanted to add one to the picture.

An example provided by PatentYogi shows a water reflection zoom-in / zoom-out effect applied to background audio. Another example shows motion triggering a spiral brush effect. Some filter effects will also be prompted by location.

Apple could improve iPad with new patents

Another recent Apple patent involves adding virtual game controls to the back side of the iPad. Last summer, Patently Apple reported on chief executive officer Tim Cook’s comments on the decline of Apple sales. He explained, “iPad sales met our expectations but we realize that they didn’t meet many of yours. Ours sales were gated in part by a reduction in inventory and in part by market softness in certain parts of the world. For example, IDC’s latest estimates indicated a 5% overall decline in the US tablet market as well as a decline in the western European tablet market in the June quarter.”

Now it looks like Apple is ready to revamp the iPad to drum up more interest. This particular patent application shows the tablet having sensor regions for input. It is noted that the sensors may be positioned in locations under the surface of the backside perimeter as to facilitate user input. The sensors may also be positioned in a linear manner, grid pattern or other suitable pattern to get the desired input functionality or granularity.

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