Apple Gets Patent For Wireless iPhone Camera Remote Control

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The patent was initially filed in 2009 and offers remote functionality for the Apple iPhone camera. This allows users to shoot group photos and record videos easier.

Apple gets another patent

The official patent describes it as “Certain embodiments of the present invention relate to remotely controlling a camera included in a portable media device. A portable media device can have ability to take still photos or record video. In some embodiments, an accessory can control the camera by communicating with the portable media device using a plurality of commands. In an embodiment, the portable media device can have a camera application program resident on the portable media device that can communicate with the camera in order to operate the camera.  In some embodiments, the accessory can register with the portable media device to receive notifications regarding camera state changes. The camera state change notifications can be automatically sent to the accessory upon registration. In an embodiment, the camera state change notifications can be sent asynchronously to the accessory whenever there is a change in the camera state. In some embodiments, the accessory can remotely change the camera mode and remotely operate the camera including activating the camera application. In some embodiments, the camera can be concurrently controlled from the accessory and from the portable media device. ”

More details on how the camera remote will work

The remote connects wirelessly over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It can display content on an external screens, and the remote offers notifications of user interface changes or flash light photos. Users can also switch camera modes and edit images with the remote.

This particular patent could be used in technologies for smart watches or smart glasses. There is much speculation that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will release the highly-anticipated iWatch later this year. If and when such a device comes out remains to be seen.

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