Apple Inc. Not Ditching Intel Corporation For ARM: Krzanich

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Intel has doused the rumors that Apple is switching to ARM’s A-series chipsets for its Mac PCs. CEO Brain Krzanich stated during an interview with CNBC on Friday that the reports are just rumors and that the relationship between Apple and Intel is strong.

Intel, Apple relationship strong

“Apple is always going to choose the supplier who can provide the most amount of capability in innovation to build on,” Krzanich said. “They’re a company based on innovation.” Last week, there was a report from trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said Apple could switch to ARM’s A series of chipsets for future Mac devices.

Although Krzanich did not seem concerned about this possibility, he could not elaborate on how Intel’s technology is better than that of ARM’s. Krzanich said it is the job of the company to continue delivering products that exceed the performance compared to competitors. The Intel CEO said he strives every day to offer the most competitive parts in terms of performance, price and reliability, irrespective of the company for which the products are being manufactured.

Krzanich also stated during the interview that the company is confident to grow “the data center business, with the Internet of Things, with flash memory and all the other products we’re in.”

Intel works to stay competitive

The chip maker offered a subsidy to tablet makers for using its chips, which could be one of the reasons for the company sitting on losses. Intel offered the subsidy to grab market share and is in the process of releasing new models it hopes customers will love to buy. In 2014, Intel’s chips are in around 46 million mobile devices.

Also the company is making efforts to bring down the cost at its mobile unit, which will be integrated into the PC chips division, as the company is all set to offer low-price, more capable chips for tablets and phones and pays less in subsidies.

Krzanich’s interview came just after the chip maker’s earnings for the fourth quarter of 2014 last week. The company posted increased sales in the its largest segments such as PC chips, data centers and Internet of Things products. In the mobile and software segment, earnings dropped, as Intel posted an operating loss of $4.21 billion for 2014.

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