Apple Music Gets A New Ad Featuring James Corden

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Apple made good use of the opportunity of telling the world about Apple Music by presenting an ad at the Emmy Awards. The ad features James Corden, who hosts the Late Late Show. In the ad, Corden can be seen pitching ideas to Apple Music executives Jimmy Iovine, Eddy Cue and Bozoma Saint John.

A different approach this time

The latest commercial’s approach at showing Apple’s streaming music service is starkly different from the earlier ones. Rather than having the entire focus on the features, the ads take more of a humorous approach.

In the ad, Apple Music executives are looking for commercial ideas to help get across some Apple Music features like offline listening, the library of over 40 million songs and hand-picked playlists. They assign this task to Corden, who pitches a series of ads in which he dresses up like iconic music acts and gets rejected, reports Mac Rumors.

Corden then pitches more specific commercials in which he hands an iPhone with Apple Music to a thirsty boy in a desert, and another one in which a body of water is filled up with 40 million apples, and he takes a dive in it. Then after some more desperate patches, the commercial cuts to black with white lettering, mentioning all the features of Apple’s music service.

The ad mentions the “For You” playlists as well with the company touting hand-picked playlists.

“The best way to experience all the music you love—even offline. Over 40 million songs. Thousands of handpicked playlists. Exclusive music and video premieres. New members get three months free,” the ad says.

Also the ad talks about the strong app and the cross-platform support it offers.

Apple and Corden – extending the bond

Apple’s commercial is its latest collaboration with Corden, who was at Apple’s September special event and helped open the event by “driving” Tim Cook to the event while singing karaoke. The two are working together on a Carpool Karaoke TV show exclusively for Apple’s music service with Corden producing the series, notes Mac Rumors.

The ad’s approach is not only interesting but effective as well. The iPhone maker usually does not include Cue, Boz, and Iovine in its ads, but since it has included Corden, it all is tied together nicely. There were three other commercials that debuted yesterday with two iPhone 7 commercials focusing on its water resistance and the low-light camera and one on the Apple Watch Series 2.

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