Apple May Bring Fighter Jet Tech To Car Windshields

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Apple may seriously transform dashboard in cars by adding head-up display (HUD) to car windshields. A new report suggests the tech giant is working on a 27 inch to 50 inch HUD display that is controlled by gestures. The display could be used to protect icons and information for the driver while they are driving down the road. Global Equities Research tech analyst Trip Chowdry was the first to share the report.

Apple’s purported curved glass mystery

According to Chowdry, the curved glass screen could become Apple’s next generation device, but right now, it doesn’t appear the device’s launch is set to arrive anytime soon. He admitted the glass and display could be used for another project entirely, perhaps a television. He believes Apple could be up to something big and important.

Chowdry and Global Equities Research don’t quite have the best track record when it comes to making predictions about Apple. His claim that Apple failed to innovate was wrong. He also suggested Tim Cook and Peter Openheimer were driving the company to destruction and should be replaced.

Apple and Project Titan

There have been previous rumors speculating Apple was working on an electric car named Project Titan with hundreds of employees working on the project. The purported car would be electric and could look somewhat like a minivan. The Cupertino company also hired top talent from luxury automakers Tesla, Mercedes, among others. Apple has zero experience in automotive design, and it would make a lot of sense for the tech giant to bring other companies to collaborate.

Whether Apple is working on an actual car or some sort of automotive tecnology remain seen. The persistent rumors may mean something is up, but that doesn’t mean we should expect a car in the near future.

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