Nearly Half Of Those Polled Have No Interest In Apple’s iWatch

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A recent survey shows 14% of watch wearers are interested in the purported Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iWatch. The survey comes from Piper Jaffray and it polled 100 individuals.

Details regarding the latest poll

The average age of the individuals polled was 32 and the majority of the polled group was female. Nearly every respondent was also from the United States. The poll, which was titled “Piper Jaffray Watch & Wearables” survey, was mostly about jewelry, but it did touch base on rumors of the iWatch. Although 86% of the respondents claimed they would not buy the iWatch retailing for $350, 14% of the group said they would.

Among that group of 86%, Piper Jaffray found that some users would be interested in a lower price iWatch but 41% still say they have no interest in the iWatch regardless of price. Interestingly enough, the recent poll results are similar to the firm’s poll results from late last year which discovered 12% would be willing to purchase the iWatch at the same price. And just months ago, there was a poll which 17% of teens claimed interest in the purported Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) smartwatch.

Anticipation for Apple iWatch

Piper Jaffray’s study also discovered 18% of the poll respondents already owned a fitness band and 13% plan on purchasing a fitness band in the near future. 32% of respondents would consider wearing a fitness band and watch at the same time. Fitbit is the most popular brand of fitness bands, Timex is the most popular brand for men’s watches, and Fossil/Michael Kors is the most common brand for women’s watches.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is predicted to debut the iWatch during the latter part of the year. The smartwatch is rumored to work in conjunction with the iPhone and utilize the new HealthKit. The iWatch would be a direct competitor to other smartwatches from Samsung and Pebble.

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