Apple Inc. iPhone China Sales To Surpass US [REPORT]

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Apple might have sold more iPhones in China than the U.S. in the quarter than ended last month. The iPhone maker is expected to report revenue growth of more than 20% for the time period, as it enjoys strong demand for its flagship model among the Chinese consumers, according to Bloomberg.

China largest market for Apple products?

Though Apple does not release shipment data for each country, it is being predicted that the company has sold 18-20 million iPhones in China, in contrast with 14 -15 million in the U.S. during the first-quarter, as reported by analyst firm Creative Strategies. Moreover, research firm Kantar mentioned that the iPhone sales reached the highest ever in February, and accounted for almost 28% of the total smartphone sales in urban areas of China.

Such an increase in demand is due to the large screens featured in both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, a feature preferred by most Asian consumers. Along with this, New Year celebrations in China was seen as another reason for the surge in the iPhone’s demand in the country.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is optimistic about his company’s growth in China, and claimed that the country could soon be the largest market for Apple’s products. In addition, Cook noted that the company seeks to double the number of stores in China by mid-2016. Moreover reflecting on the company’s position in China, its Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri stated earlier this year that Apple has ‘a lot of momentum in China.’

iPad sales a concern for Apple

Despite the success of its flagship smartphone model, Apple is still struggling with the sale of its iPads. According to data by Bloomberg, the product is expected to record sales of 13.6 million units, amounting to a decline of 17% in the latest quarter.

In an attempt to attract consumers, the company is looking to come up with a bigger 12.9-inch screen iPad. However, production has come to a halt due to issues with acquiring display screens. Nevertheless, the iPhone maker is set to post solid overall results for the latest quarter.

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